Liebster Award 2017

I am truly humbled. I had, before my recent eye troubles and Holiday Hoopla a wonderful nomination for a Libester Award from the Dynamic Anindya. Besides being an incredibly polite and understanding individual, he is an avid blogger. Thank you so much Anindya for the nomination and the chance to take the time I needed to heal and get back into blogging!

As these awards go, I will answer Anindya’s questions, nominate some wonderful folks for the Liebster Award, and present my own set of questions for my nominees. As with any award, you had the right to refuse the nomination, accept, ignore, whatever. However I do hope you receive some traffic from my links to your blogs!

Without further comment, I give you Anindya’s questions for me:

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

I’ve mentioned in the past that I was pregnant and needing an outlet while I recovered and had downtime with my new baby. What I’ve never admitted is I had a talented friend who wrote for NanoRamo (?) and wrote fantastic stories. I admired that, and always felt I could write too, but not long connected stories like she wrote. Blogging seemed like a fantastic way to share short stories. While having my son promoted me to start blogging, J will always be the reason I started researching ways to write and ultimately coming upon the blogging writing medium.

2. What is the best thing you love about your home city ?

I grew up in a itty bitty ol’ town that started off as a train stop going west, to California. I loved living by the tracks, I loved living by this large man made pond that we would explore in the summer.

3. What are the types of music you usually listen to ?

I listen to beginning band music mostly. I teach music and I can hum just about any little ditty from those blades red and blue books. When I have a choice, it’s a mixture of pop, rock, songwriter, coffeehouse, and world music.

4. Who will be your dream date on any day of the year ?

My husband and I visiting the beach. My son would be with his grandmother and we would be comfortable in knowing he was safe. A nice night by the waterfront in a seafood restaurant that wasn’t too commercial and had outdoor seating a cute twinkle lights accenting the pier/balcony. We would y’all not about the things that trouble us, or the things we need to do, but just about life like we use to….

5. Kindle or hardcovers /paperbacks ?

I own a nook, so nook instead of Kindle. I own a nook because my husband wouldn’t buy another bookshelf. That was his way of keeping the paper down. At one point we had two bookshelves filled to overflowing with books. Now we have one, 8 foot metal bookcase with everything we have downsized from those shelves. While nothing will ever replace the joy of cracking open a new HP book and smelling the fresh paper pages, it’s nice to “order” a book from my home and to be able to read it instantly.

6. What is your favorite color, and why ?

I love purple. I can’t see all the shades of purple anymore, but I remember it being luxurious when it was deep and frivolous and cute when it was light. While I enjoy all the colors, I believe it is my favorite.

7. Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, for blogging, which is your most favorite ?

I enjoy advertising through my Instagram page. I’m not really sure it does me any good, but I enjoy sharing my post graphics there.

8. Have you visited India ?

No, I have not. I’ve never been outside of the United States of America. I would love to travel around the world, including India. I admire greatly the Indian culture. I admire the traditional clothing I have been exposed to, the music I have been fortunate to hear, and I admit, Bollywood movies give me joy!

9. For those who have and for those who live in India, what is your most favorite destination here ?

Null for me, unfortunately.

10. Can you ever think of leaving blogging ?

Yes, the idea has crossed my mind. It’s usually when I am frustrated with what to write about, my inconsistency with my writing, and my foolish decision to not be anonymous with my site and allow friends and family access. Many bad experiences came from my blog being used incorrectly by myself. If I had been patient and careful perhaps I would have continued to mature and not lost friendships due to my immaturity and free sharing nature. I often imagine a new domain name to start over… but I love Afternoon of Sundries and I would need something equally as ambiguous and fantastic to replace it. So far no luck- which is why now and again I think of closing down the whole site. Again, this is all my fault. The past is the past and I have learned much from it.

Below are some blogs I would like to nominate for the Liebster:

My questions are as follows:

  1. What are some traditions you enjoyed taking part in as a child?
  2. How long have you blogged? Is the blog I tagged your first blog, or second (or third…)?
  3. What is a piece of writing advice you stick to now that you wish you had known in the beginning?
  4. What is your favorite recipe to make (and link it so we may try to make it one day too)?
  5. Is there another culture you admire? If so, please tell us about it and why!
  6. If you could visit a place, country, venue for free (all expenses paid for by a wonderful person) where would you go?
  7. What is your favorite genre to read for pleasure?
  8. Do you have any pets? What are they? Tell us about their personalities!
  9. If you could talk to anyone again, living or dead from your life, who would it be? Why (if that’s not to bold to ask)
  10. How do you plan to blog in the new year? Will you continue on as you have been, try new things, or is something else in store? Let us know!

Once again, thank you Anindya for this wonderfully amazing nomination! My nominees will be notified as soon as I am able. Thank you!


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