Weekend Beverage Share: And the Eyes Have it!

H ello my friends! It is so nice to see! Yup, just to see!

I went on a brief hiatus as my eyes adjusted to a new way of being. I admit, I wasn’t sure what would happen, would they get worse and I would have more permanent vision loss? Was this veil I was seeing herald something more frightening? Or was it simply an eye change, for the better (scars, even eyeball scars can shrink and “heal up,” like scars on the skin do)?

I went to the doctors, and they didn’t seem to be worried. They asked me to watch it. On multiple occasions I have come in with complaints that have baffled modern machines. Then days or a week later, the real big problem would go down and I’d be right back there, saying, “well I told you something was wrong.”

But once or twice the change that made my vision seem worse was positive. When the eye changes at all, it can confound the brain. My left eye makes up for the holes in my right. My right eye makes up for holes in my left. Very rarely do any of the holes overlap. In the places they do, I have issues. Beside the world getting darker (ain’t nothing anybody can do about that but pray), I see pretty good. Like abnormally well. I can, with some eye wiggling (lol) see 20/30.

Well this time, the changes were very small. Here is a normal eye picture (retinal photograph);

And here are my screwball eyes:

(lefty) all the white parts are scars

And my poor baby (righty)

I’ve got dead bits, some torn up bits, unhappy places (woosaaaa)…

(Now these are photographs of photographs, so please forgive me.)

So when I tell you the brain is amazing, you have to understand it is. I see remarkably well. So when that is threatened, I spring into action!

It took my eyes sometime to adjust, and the dizziness, fatigue, headaches, blurred vision have all left me. I am almost back to my normal! I admit, 3 week’s ago I saw my band scores better but, I’m lucky I can see them at all.

So I am back. I am a little overwhelmed with the upcoming performances (remember I am a Band teacher. This is the season of parades, concerts, evaluations, and my own church performances, church plays, and whatnot. It’s just music. Music for days. Music every darn where). I’m a little overwhelmed with life.

Tomorrow I am going to be Endowed. If you recall I spoke about going to the temple soon…

There I will go through some very sacred, old, very Biblical rituals. I am not nervous so much as excited. I get that in the end I will be a fully endowed member of the church and that means I’ll be wearing the temple garments full time. The rest I’ll just have to find out once I’m there!

I am leaving Saturday morning to get to my afternoon session. I’ll keep you posted once I’ve digested what went on.

And lastly, you must see what my buddy has learned to do:

Maybe all 3 1/2 year olds can do this, but I was pretty impressed! Agh! He’s just too cute!



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