Hiatus: Health Issues

My eyes are acting up again. Posting to all my social media tonight is taking a toll. I have such a headache trying to make my eyes focus on all the text!

From my instagram:

It looks so normal, doesn’t it? But I cannot see very well out of it today. It’s been 3 years since the last time my immune system decided my retinas were once again the enemy and must be destroyed at all costs. I’ve been dizzy for 3 days, nauseous, hungry… all the things that might make a forbidden dream seem possible only to be dashed with less vision, more pain and of course #youdontlookhurt #youreyeslookfinetome yes because it’s not my cornea, it’s my retina.

I feel like my body is fighting a huge sickness only its not. The only casualties are the thousands of white blood cell corpses that build up so much that I see even less. Once enough of them have died and my retina (and probably an injection to the eye) has been damaged yet again… then perhaps it will stop. The world will be a little dimmer, colors a little duller, and definition will lessen even more. Someday it might be all a thick gray smear. #punctateinnerchoroidopathy #PIC #fightingmyself #forabsolutelynothing

I am truly losing a battle here today friends. Please forgive me but I must take some time to sort this out. If I can get copies of my scans (I should be able to), I will share them with you later!

Eyeballs are such fun in my house!

Please forgive me! 🙇🏻‍♀️

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