Pulling Back the Veil

As you read last week, I recently finished my temple classes. While I was learning about the temple, I learned about Patriarchal Blessings too, I had mixed up some information I had heard from a missionary.

I had heard that there was a premortal existence. Many faiths and Christian groups alike believe we either lived in heaven before this life or as another energy etc. Latter-day Saints believe we were spirit children of God who according to a plan He has in place, needed to go to earth in order to live, experience, and learn in mortal bodies.

The idea is if we learn well and find our way back to the Lord then we have accomplished our goals here on earth.

There is more to it than that, but for now let’s just stick with this.

So as spirit children of God, we decided to stay on the side of Jesus and God not Lucifer, that’s why all of us living human people have bodies. All the Lucifarians are body-less, they are pissed at us and that’s why temptations abound. They want bodies too, they want to progress but can’t. Again, it’s a little more complex than this but you get the idea.

But in order to vote on a side, dear people, we had to have had a life up there. Life up there is something no one from any religion seems to be able to remember.

So what if, that veil shrouding our previous existence could be lifted, briefly, and you were granted a glimpse of your existence before? What if you could be given a meaningful glimpse into who you were before, which shaped who you are now and possibly who you might be?

Well, to me it sounded quite intriguing.

There are men within the LDS church that have been blessed with this ability. They are chosen to do this, share this knowledge via the Holy Ghost and God above to give you guidance. The are called Patriarchs and this is their one and only calling, to give these blessings to people. This blessing is called a Patriarchal Blessing and the LDS church states:

“Every worthy, baptized member is entitled to and should receive a patriarchal blessing, which provides inspired direction from the Lord” (Handbook 2: Administering the Church [2010], 20.12.1). Patriarchal blessings include a declaration of a person’s lineage in the house of Israel and contain personal counsel from the Lord. As a person studies his or her patriarchal blessing and follows the counsel it contains, it will provide guidance, comfort, and protection.”

But there’s more. This man has never met you. He doesn’t try to find out anything about you. He learns your name and after an opening prayer he does what God wants him to do. He speaks and you listen and you learn.


Tonight, I received my blessing. We spoke, he got me to relax a bit and then he placed his hands on my head, as Mormons are want to do, and there I sat. The most peculiar sensation started at the top of my head. I felt two more hands resting on my shoulders the entire blessing. It was pretty amazing. While I can’t give you any specifics:

“Each patriarchal blessing is sacred, confidential, and personal.” Further, “Church members should not compare blessings and should not share them except with close family members. Patriarchal blessings should not be read in Church meetings or other public gatherings (20.12.2). They should not be distributed or shared through electronic means, such as in the Memories section of FamilySearch or on social media, websites, or blogs.”

So sorry, no specific details.What I can tell you is it was almost like the Patriarch was trying to get every bit of information that was poured into him out as clearly as possible. He told me things that he couldn’t possibly have known to speak about. He said things that I doubt would be the standard comforting, “stay with us, here is some nice sounding woowoo,” type phrases.

I’ve also heard from many sources that he would reveal some sort of bogus blanket statement type, could apply to anyone, sort of message. One of those “if you stay on the path, you will be rewarded,” kind of deals. It wasn’t like that. Yeah, in the beginning it was very generic because he stated the date, who he was, what he was doing, and what tribe I am apart of (Ephram, like a lot of LDS folks). Then, just as I started to wonder, he started to get oddly specific. Oddly specific about myself and who I am and things lined up. Not once did he promise me something crazy or warn of my destruction or any of these other strange things I’ve heard about. It truly was a legit experience.

I could even tell, that some of the things he said didn’t mean anything to him, but let me tell you they meant everything to me. I know I am on the right path for me, that it’s no coincidence that I do what I do and I think the most powerful part was…

I’ve heard God loves me from a host of people. I will hear it again from a host more but there I sat, eyes closed, and a Patriarch, a mouthpiece, told me in not so many words that God loves me. That was the first time I believed it and felt it. It was humbling. Considering how many folks felt I was destined for damnation, it was really good to hear that wasn’t so.

My husband was in the room with our son during my blessing. My husband is not a member of the LDS church or any church for that matter. He suspects Jesus might have been a stoner. So for my husband to tell me that he had the strangest feeling tonight, that it wasn’t weird, it wasn’t scary or creepy it was calm and warm and nice; I had to ask him to repeat himself. He did repeat himself quite in awe, because I honestly don’t think he’s ever had anything religiously effect him before. I don’t think he will be baptized anytime soon but he felt something.

Which is cool.

No matter who you are if you’re any kind of Christian, someone feeling the Holy Ghost for the first time is exciting.

So it was simply the best. I can’t say everything made sense. I am definitely going to have to pray about this experience and when I get my copy of my blessing (they record them during and transcribe them later!) I will be pondering the meanings I am sure I missed tonight.

But it was wow.

And I understand this seems very… different from what most Christians seem to practice.You have to remember LDS folks believe in prophets. Modern prophets and the gift of prophecy. I don’t know if it’s ever been a stretch for me because I have many family members who have had prophetic dreams and visions.They have also been very accurate in their visions. My great grandmother was a devout Catholic who couldn’t help but have these dreams that constantly came to pass. I grew up hearing about this. For me, this isn’t weird or abnormal.Take that as you may.

I understand this may not be everyone’s cup of lemonade, so any comments made please be respectful. I’ve never had a problem before, but if I do those comments will be deleted. Thank you.



      1. The Budapest Crocheter

        I was just thinking about patriarchal blessings today. I received mine 19 years ago as a relatively new member from a country without a stake, serving my mission in Utah. A patriarch came from one of the local stakes once a month and gave blessings to all the new missionaries who hadn’t had the opportunity to receive one before. He absolutely knew nothing about us, there was no time for much of a chat before, and yet the blessing I received is very specific in a lot of areas. I love reading my patriarchal blessing with fresh eyes, I make it part of my study from time to time.

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