Media Monday Vol. 7!

Good Evening! Where I currently reside it’s Monday so that means… it’s Media Monday!

It’s storming something awful so I’ll try to make this post complete before my flickering power decides it’s bedtime 3 hours early!

Maybe it’s old…

but this funny Netflix subtitle mixup had me cackling in the carpool last week!

This had me in tears and yet feeling inspired…

She truly is an amazing woman

This was also thought provoking…

But for other reasons obviously!

This wasn’t surprising…

And the fact that it wasn’t surprising made me sad. People were more upset about what they were owed than what was happening to the kid…

Burger King, seriously on point in this PSA!

And lastly, I love to end any serious bit of scrolling…

With some Adam Ellis:

This shows exactly how I feel about candy corn. Ick.

Seriously follow Adam, he makes life better (Twitter @moby_dickhead Instagram @adamtots and search for him on Facebook)!

Did you run across any good media to share this week? Comment below! Enjoy your week!!


  1. afternoonofsundries

    Anindya, I hope you are well. I would like to apologize if I may. I had every intention if completing your challenge but I fell ill. I did my best to fight it off but every night I came home from work I fell asleep on the couch or after tending to my son and putting him to bed (which is my only free time, once he is asleep!). I woke up this morning with the answer to why I have been feeling sick and in pain. I have an autoimmune disease that is not transferable/ catchable. It may very well end up being genetic but right now science isn’t sure. Anyway, I’m having trouble seeing out of my right eye clearly because my immune system is attacking my retina. It’s not a new thing for me but it’s been so long I hadn’t recognized the signs. Until I’ve been treated and it doesn’t hurt to focus as much (typing so small and trying to sort out the keys is difficult at the moment) I will 💯 do your nomination. I am honored and have not forgotten. I hope you can forgive me! 🙇🏻‍♀️


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