Media Monday Volume 6

It’s another lovely Monday and I have some impactful media for you today. It may not be all sunshine and rainbows today but it certainly is important.

Social Media is impactful

Are we careful how we speak or how we react to others on social media? This isn’t some snowflake “wimpy” bs here. People deserve to be spoke to in a respectful manner because they are people. Don’t stoop to the level of some of these people. Stand up, be positive.


While this blew up on Twitter due to McGowan and Milano, I discovered a different woman started the me too movement. This woman, Tarana Burk created this movement 10 years ago.I wish I couldn’t hashtag this but I can. Not only did a young male from my neighborhood sexually assault me when I was in elementary school, but nothing was done about him. Eventually he assaulted another child, a boy and something was done. What was done? Why community came together and sent our predator to college.

Maybe there are other sides to this story that I just cannot understand. I can tell you what I did understand. Nobody talked about it and everyone pretended it didn’t happen. Except it did. At the time it almost seemed like they paid him for his silence and his absence.

On a related note, we should all just rise up

Sometimes the voice of children raised is song can be the most beautiful thing… (speaking as a music educator I have to admit sometimes it’s not.) It’s always wonderful when a piece impacts both the audience and performers. This gave me the feels.

I am absolutely terrible at names

But I promise to slaughter them until I get each and everyone right.

And lastly, I give you my son

He tries so hard y’all. He doesn’t understand why the games don’t go like these warm ups you see here. And he cries because the mean other team color stole his ball. All I can do is hold him and hope he understands next game. I love my little buddy!

I know this week was heavy but so many impactful things are floating around social media. What moved you this week? Please share below! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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