Take me to the Temple!

I haven’t written much lately about how things are going with my church. Most of you know, that I am I member of the LDS church. I converted about a year ago and some change. I admit, just like any other church, these people aren’t perfect. I know I certainly am not. And while I agree with a lot of the doctrine, there are things I still have to pray about, to try to understand. Somethings, I wonder if time will tell and somethings I wonder if maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’ll never understand.

One of the ways to continue on your journey of spiritual understanding, if you are a member of the LDS church, is to go to the temple. In that year after baptism (if you are an adult), you are more used to the church, you have become regular churchgoer, and it kind of helps you decide if this the correct choice for your life.

I would not be surprised find that, after being baptized there are some people who stop coming after a while. I would not be surprised if some people fell away from the church because it’s not what they thought it would be. I would not be surprised a whole host of other things could happen within that year and this is why you wait a year before you start taking your temple classes, if you even want to take them.

Nothing I have experienced in the church has made me want to run away. Nothing has been weird, macabre, or cultish. So while I understand people leave, it’s because of their own reasons, not because twice a month we drink goat’s blood (to clarify, we don’t).

(although the boys can be quite persistent!)

I personally did not take classes until year and four months after my baptism. Part of that what is due to some miscommunication, and part of that was me, I just wasn’t ready.

When I was though, I started taking temple classes. Temple Classes are simply an hour long class that you take with a person who is selected to teach about the temple. Of course, the person teaching about the temple has been to the temple before.

In this class you learn why going to the temple is important, I’ll give you a hint, going to the temple is like stepping into a place where you can feel God. More so than a person is supposed to feel when you’re at church, going to the temple is supposed to be more spiritual.

This is why not just anybody can actually go inside LDS temples. It’s a very sacred spot.

You learn in these temple classes how to dress when going there, some of what to expect when you’re there, and what other people felt during and after their temple experiences. You learn why people would even want to go to the temple. You learn what things can be done at the temple, and how you can do things for other people at the temple.

(I won’t lie to you, The LDS church does not believe that they are the only people that get to go to to heaven. It’s more complex than that, and while learning more about heaven is important, this really is not what my post is about!)

Then you learn what happens if you break covenants that you make with God in the temple. No, I’m afraid that you don’t get wrapped up in a bow and thrown out on the front steps and the church says “peace out sinner!”

These are things that are technically illegal or morally wrong in my country anyway. Well besides the Words of Wisdom- y’all can drink all the tea and coffee you want, I just can’t. They ask you to not do common sense things like don’t commit adultery. Don’t go around murdering people. Don’t take away another person’s freewill etc.

If you can keep with those things and others, that are just as reasonable, then you’ll always be able to go to the temple.

Now the temple classes do not tell you what happens during the ceremonies inside the temple. I can’t even tell you because I haven’t done it. Once you go in and you go through the ceremony though you do not talk about it outside of the temple. You can ask any questions you want inside and the temple workers will answer them. But once you leave you just do not talk about the specifics. It’s a way of keeping sacred things sacred.

Once through, when I’ve completed my trip, I will be wearing those temple garments that you hear about. What everyone in the world affectionately deems the “magical underwear.” I suppose it is just as magical as vestments, prayer shawls and the like are. Temple garments are for modesty, unity, and divine protection. You wear a cross to warn off bad juju I wear a white cami and long white shorts. It really doesn’t have to be weird. It’s just different.

I will tell you that once you are done with the classes you decide, is this something I want even knowing what is expected? Then you talk with your higher ups and off you go!

I will be scheduling my trip soon, I’m shooting for the second or third Saturday in November. My escort, a lady whom I know who has been through this before, is free then and I do want to accommodate her.

We might even try a babysitter… 😱

We will see!

Personally, I’m excited. I have been blessed with everything I need to wear inside the temple. I was given many sets of garments, a white dress and all sorts of other pieces. I was even given a fancy bag to carry it all in! Ry’s cousin converted a couple years back, and someone else bought her what she needed for her first temple visit. I will return the favor someday, and do the same for another new member.

It’s all very lovely, very exciting, and I am extremely jazzed about the whole thing!


    1. afternoonofsundries

      I grew up as a wandering Christian: a little Baptist, a Little Lutheran, a little Methodist… I even went to Mass a couple of times. Nothing really clicked until I started to learn about the LDS church. Even then, I was like… “They day it’s a cult!” But I’ve since learned otherwise! There is no Joseph Smith worship, no multiple wives, they do read the Bible a lot… and follow the commandments to a T! It just took me awhile to stop looking for the differences.

      I am glad you enjoyed learning a bit about my portion of the Christian faith! I appreciate the visit and am happy to know someone is reading! Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. gigglingfattie

        That’s super cool! I’ve been raised baptist and attend a baptist church as well but I have branched out and gone to other places. I find that I am more inclined to stay at a church that I enjoy being in, and feel good being at, rather than just by the name over the door. I’m glad you’ve found a place you feel like you belong 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. afternoonofsundries

        I agree with what you say! I have tried so many places and it just did not fit. Even though some things I think are a little old fashioned, I love the overall feels My I get walking in. I suppose that and having a good spiritual relationship is all that matters!

        Liked by 1 person

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