Sunday Earworm: Sprinkle Kindness

I‘d heard this story at church months ago and thought I’d share it with you today. I did not come up with this story but I am retelling it for you today:

There was a young boy and his older friend who were walking home from school. Like all boys, they had a head filled with mischief and feet filled with wanderings and getting home in time for supper was far from their thoughts. Dragging home as youth tend to do, they took their time getting home.

Every day on the way home they passed a huge field filled with crops. You could see workers in the field working away, dots of many colors. As per the custom, many workers would leave their everyday shoes along the various roads and trails surrounding the fields. As the boys walked they came upon a pair of worn shoes.

The younger of the two boys saw the shoes and with only mischief in his mind told the older friend that they should hide the shoes behind the bushes and also themselves and see how the man in the field would react to having his shoes “stolen” away as he worked.

The elder of the boys thought about what he proposed and it left an uneasy feeling in his gut. It seemed wrong to cause a person working so hard and so long such grief. It was obvious that the shoes belonged to someone who was poor. As he looked down at the shoes and then up to his friend a thought formed in his mind.

In stead of hiding them, he suggested they put all of their pocket money inside the pair of worn shoes. Then they would hide and wait to see what the man would do once he found the hidden treasure.

Perhaps the notion of playing Robin Hood appealed to the younger boy, or perhaps he knew it was right to give rather than take away. Whatever the case, the younger boy agreed and they went through their pockets finding all the crumpled bills and loose change they had. Once they had it all collected, they dropped the money into each worn shoe and ran off to the nearby bushes to hide.

It wasn’t long before the worker came up from the fields for his own supper. Once he got to the edge of the road and looked down he noticed something in his shoes. Upon further inspection he realized it was money.

Shock colored his face and he fell to his knees. Soon tears streamed down his face and the worker began to pray aloud to God.

The worker thanked God for this money because his wife was very sick and he had taken on extra work to pay for medicine. It was very hard to keep normal things on hand for his children because everything went towards medical bills. Now, thanks to this unexpected bounty he could get some of the things he needed. After thanking the Lord, the worker also took the time to ask for blessings to come to the person who gave him this money. He asked for them to prosper and grow because they shared with him such an amazing kindness.

The man took up his shoes and the newfound money and made his way down the road and out of the sight of the two young boys who had be reduced to tears over the prayers of the worker they had helped. That day they learned that kindness brings blessings to us all.

No matter what you believe, be kind today and as often as possible! Much love to you and yours! Happy Sunday!


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