Don’t Let the Devil…

Many moons ago during a particularly on point talk at church (a talk is like a sermon only the members of the church preach, not just the fellow in charge. Women and Men give talks). The talk was about allowing others to steal your joy or peace. At one point they said, the Devil already got you once, through that person wronging you, don’t let him get you twice by stewing and staying mad and allowing yourself to become so embittered that it consumes you with hatred (or heaven forbid to act in kind).

That really stuck with me days and weeks later. I have, in my short life, met people who just are plain ugly. (Ugly in this case means they have an ugly attitude and act mean and it ugly towards others)

I understand I am not perfect. But it’s not hard to treat others the way that you want to be treated. Especially if you are supposed to be old enough to be considered an adult.If you act like you have a stick stuck so far up your behind that it comes out your blessed mouth maybe, MAYBE you need to see somebody about that.

Or maybe not. Who am I to judge? Except, when your actions effect me I WANT to judge you and your stick placement.

Look. Maybe that stick will never budge. Maybe you will forever judge me, but I can’t let your ways cause me to act out. I cannot let your behavior breech who I am, consume me and thusly cause more anger and resentment I don’t need.

That’s much worse then having metaphorical rectal trauma.

My peace is worth more to me.

I have more important things to fixate on (like, just about everything else in the world).

So though it seems that you may forever exist with that constant look of smelling a trash heap on your face, I can remember that someone made you like that.

I don’t like you enough to keep you around mentally for decades, so I’m going to have to take a step back and not let the Devil win. He can have you, stick and all.

All right. So maybe he won a little to day. Not tomorrow Devil. Definitely not tomorrow.


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