Weekend Beverage Share: The Last Days of Summer Break

(As I sit here typing, you should know this is the day before the week of teacher preparatory days. )

As you sit across from me in this fantastic cafe know that I am already at my Welcome Back Orientation for the 2017- 2018 school year. It’s a bit of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey sort of thing, amirite?

Any Who, (I’m just saying how many Who’s would a fangirl choose if she could choose would choose a Who?)

Silliness aside, I had a lovely week. I was able to write a bit, had some excellent feedback and emerged with a “new” About this Blog page (it changed again from the one I posted earlier this week!). The feedback I received was lovely, but it was very story time and not as concise as I wished it to be. I kept coming back to my first post, that I had ever written. I realized that was it, what my blog was. Even though it’s changed tone over the years it’s still at the core, sundries from my life.

Then, after deleting 4 pages I came up with this About the Author page that NO ONE has seen yet. It’s hard to write about yourself succinctly and not sound ridiculous. Well, maybe for me.

What do you think about these pages? I’d love some feedback on this post about them, if you’re game.

Lol, if only it ALWAYS worked like that. (Above)

(But thank you so so much if you do give me feedback! And thank you to anyone who gave feed back the last time!)

Besides writing, I enjoyed cleaning my house into oblivion only to discover my son is mighty. I may have cleaned. I may have scrubbed the baseboards and floors to perfection but he can vomit, spill, knock over, and pee on much faster than I can clean.

We will see who ends up victorious!

CDubs has so far enjoyed sleeping in his little big boy bed:

so much so, that I no longer receive my nightly kisses and hugs. That hurts my mommy heart, just a little bit. I stole one from him tonight as he giggled under his blankets.

Tomorrow is just… look I cannot help but reflect on last year at the star of this year. Last year started rough. Like bawling-my-eyes-out tough.

However, things improved. I managed to not drink any alcohol even though man… there was still some vodka in there from time and before. I dumped it down the drain. The thought was there once or twice though.

This year. This year will be different simply because it’s a new year. New kids, new teaching assignments for the core teachers and I may even have a new class to teach.

New. As in different, not necessarily good, or amazing just different.

They would die if they saw me in a swimsuit!


My birthday is Tuesday, and I made an appeal on FB for birthday cards. My birthday seems to always be on a week day and a teacher workday. I wake up, get told happy birthday by my hubs, work my butt off, eat cupcakes (yum) and receive some lovely phone calls and messages online. I love it!

But sometimes when I teach, or get negative I forget how loved I am (not to be stuck up). I can end up in some dark paranoid places, let me tell you. Those cards will smack back the darkness or student aggravation and remind me that there is love out there. Oddly enough, people love me and I need to kick these negative bits in the arse!

So that’s my motivation for my gifts this year, besides that most of us are all invested in larger life changing projects. Money is tight for everyone right now. We can’t just run off to bars or go out to dinner on our birthdays like we used to. We don’t have a lot of time either, and especially now, when I am ALWYAS late because of one thing or another with CDubs. I get it. But it’s still nice to be remembered at the same time.

This was the idea though, and in turn, I can write back thank you cards and on their birthdays (if I can tell when those are!) I can send a card telling them I am thinking of their kindness as well. Maybe even Christmas if that’s not too weird.

(image from justWink cards)

I’ve already been blessed with two cards ♥️ and I’m feeling super happy to have them! 😊

Other than that, I wish these pimples on my face would go away. One of the perks of having a brain tumor was hormones did crazy things like no periods and no zits. Now they are attacking with a vengeance and they are deep ones too, on my chin and cheeks. It’s payback for high school when I didn’t have acne. Someone, somewhere is cackling because of this. I’m just like… dude in in my thirties, let me go! Go find a teenager acne fairy!

(that’s right, that ladybug needs spots, not me! Image free pixabay) Still reading all I can about the temple and living like I should. I have some fun news to share at a later date, and I’ll even share something’s about the temple if people are interested (if not, just skip that post, much easier than an attack in a coffee share post!). It’s a sacred place so we don’t share everything but I know just about as much as you can google or read on the church website so I can’t… tell you anything you can’t figure out yourself. Once I enter the temple I will receive knowledge (the good old fashioned way, by learning not being struck dumb by angels) on how to act in a supremely holy place and go through ordinances.

Those ordinances are sacred and I cannot go into detail about those. Once I do that I’ll have responsibilities from these ordinances that I promise to uphold to God. Then it’s up to me to live right. So far it’s common sense things like, don’t sleep around cause I’m married. Don’t actively denounce and go against the gospel saying it isn’t true when I know better, that sort of thing. Very much like every other Christian religion only here I actually promise God outside of that marriage ceremony that I’m going to be good, not be a ho, that sort of thing.

I’m sure there is more, I’m still going through my classes.

I enjoyed a lovely day at L’s house and we all had a good time.

We had a delicious lunch and we even enjoyed a nap:

I took a walk in the 91 degree heat! L showed me her neighborhood and the surrounding blocks. I was fine for more than half the walk, I’m plus sized by brain chemistry (tumor) not by activity level. Then the heat hit me. My skin turned pink and there was not any shade and the pavement sizzled! I was huffing a bit when we made it back to the house!

But it was good to go for a walk!

I have to wear causal business attire tomorrow (no jeans) but I may wear a school shirt. I just cannot reconcile dress pants and a tee shirt. Maybe the fancy glasses are going to my head (see my Instagram if you haven seen the fancy glasses!). Picture dress slacks, a tee shirt and dress shoes… I just can’t quite get there. Black yoga pants…. yup! But otherwise, no.

I think I’m going to represent our school via the colors, black and red, and see how that goes!

Well I’ve blathered on long enough! Be blessed my friends and enjoy your week! I will endeavor to do so!

I will still try to post at least 3 times a week and do the blogging group activities. I am not sure yet how I will schedule and fit it in around my classes. We will see!

This was not edited on my computer so many apologies for typos and strange sentence structures. This was typed the way I think, unless it was autocorrected, so it’s bound to be filled with errors! I am laying in bed trying to get my brain to quiet down for bed!


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