Weekend Beverage Share: The Official Countdown Begins, and Other Things!

Hey there my friends! I hope you are all doing well! It’s been a long while since I’ve sat down and said, “Hey, this is what’s going on in my life!” Yeah you can check out my Instagram but even that is more random photos thrown up from that day. Nothing is really like sitting down over a good drink and having a chat!

So if you will…

The genius idea of a weekend coffee share was developed by parttimemonster (she’s pretty cool!)

If we were meeting over a Beverage this week I’d order a sour lemonade at a coffee shop. I’d most likely order a bearclaw or a cake pop to go with. I’ve been doing food contrasts lately, sweet with sour, salty and sweet, bland and spicy, hot and cold… you get the idea!


I would tell you I’m not 100% ready to go back to school, which is great because I have this week and next left to prepare! I would tell you that teaching is not everything the movies and tv shows depict it being.

If I am lucky (according to my vast experience, 🙄, of three schools and 6 years in my own room) my room will be cleaned via a machine and keen-eyed janitor. If I am lucky when they moved everything from one side to another (think stacking everything on a wall for movers, I have to do this every year) nothing was broken. If that went well, they were able to wax the floors too. When I moved into the room time did not allow for a good waxing. It was absolutely no one’s fault. If I am lucky my room repairs happened over the summer and are not scheduled in the upcoming months! If I am lucky the instrument repair room I toiled over with My co director is mostly intact and home to a new mouse fam. (I’m not saying we have nice but… we have been visited before at different locations) Then of course, if I am lucky I can plan, recurve good open house assignments and enjoy my school now that I actually know the campus!

I also need to clean some tbones.

Then there are lessons plans, paperwork for being back, the classroom to put back together (I’m going sideways this year), and decorating to do.

If I am lucky my guitar order will be in as well and I will have a magical stop-everything-idea on how to store them!

Ah school. Your problems didn’t go away, I did.

I am still blessed to have my own room, technology, and an instrument repair room.

I have gone to the dollar tree in town and picked over the leftovers in the teaching section (I was a bit late it seems) and scored 32 glue sticks. It would be cool if they work well and last longer than a month.


I need new getting to know you activities this year and we are starting a band novel. It made me cry. So there’s that.

At this point I think both of us would get a refill and I would see if you were game for an actual meal cause you know, I’m hungry!

Then there is my personal life. Ry and I are fighting more but hopefully communicating better. Sounds crazy but I think we might be. We are disappointed in each other’s inability to do something the way we expect it to be done, never mind we have a three-year-old. So we are working through these expectations on our own.

Another thing we have decided to do is, instead of eating out in town or going out special, we are going to try Hello Fresh instead. Two times a month we will receive a box with 2 meals to prepare for dinner. I feel that will be a healthier alternative to a romantic dinner at McDonald’s or at the local watering holes. Yes they deserve business but CDubs has been refusing to eat and or throwing up at random meals lately. It’s usually when we try to make him eat more than one cracker. He’s got this idea if he doesn’t eat we will feel him chips and snacks. Considering he weighs still 30lbs (2.1 stones) we throw food at him often. No one else is worried that I can see his clavicle bones or the upper half of his ribs. They see that little belly, I guess, the look at Ry who is…. compact… and say he’s fine.

But mom is huge. Mom is worried, you know? He has weighed 30 to 35 lbs for the past year and a half. Theoretically, he’s supposed to get bigger and eat up my groceries. That’s what ever bloody person is telling me.

This weekend is a picnic tripe deal at church. Maybe he’ll stuff himself silly there. I can only hope!

Church is going well, I am working with some new people who I hope I do not disappoint. We seem to be working well together now, in the idea collecting stage. I am hoping it continues on as our visions come to life.

I’ve been taking temple prep classes, to prepare me to enter one of these amazing buildings: (Images from LDS.org)

Not really sure which one I will be going to yet, but that’s in the future. I am learning about why the temple is important (it’s like going to the Vatican I suspect… well maybe a well-known holy area that many people visit) and how I have to prepare myself to enter.

Sorry guys, no goat sacrifices. No dark mysterious rooms. Just really lovely holy places:


The reason for the supreme fanciness is this is literally the Lord’s house. Like my meeting-house or church is a place to meet and have fellowship and if you aren’t LDS you can come in a see and interact in our services. The Temple is where we make Baptisms for the dead (1 Corinthians 15:29, Paul writes: “Now if there is no resurrection, what will those do who are baptized for the dead? If the dead are not raised at all, why are people baptized for them?” (NIV)), some folks get married for time (we married folk who were married outside of the church are considered married for time, till death do us part.) while LDS folks who are married and sealed at a temple are married for time and eternity (unless you break the sealing but let’s not go there today.). Some folks like me go to complete ordinances to take a further step with our faith.

When I go, I will receive what many people call, and I affectionately recall saying, my magic underwear. They are undergarments that have changed style from their conception, trust me (!) that all members, male or female, who have gone through this process wear under their clothes.

I’m pretty excited about this whole event. I’m pretty sure I am living a good life, I don’t try to do any of the deadly 7 and I follow the Words of Wisdom and I am beginning to tithe as most Christians do (in general). So I don’t think I have to change anything about my life. I think there is just a lot of doctrine I need to learn, a lot of Bible and other holy text to look over and thinks about. Of course, get my mind focused and mentally prepared to accept the promises I am about to make to God about how I want to live my life. It’s serious, but it’s exciting at the same time.

About now, I think we would have finished our lunch and I probably would ask you if you wanted to go for a walk before going out separate ways, I enjoy window shopping. Perhaps we would poke around in some shops. I always talk a bit while I shop.

I think then, we would go our separate ways simply because right now is a lazy time. The summer is still here for another week and a few days. I need to reorganize the house, wash any summer work clothes I have stored, get a second pair of glasses from the eye doctors and CDub’s first dental appointment is just around the bend!

So much has happened this summer, and so much is happening! Thank you for sharing this time with me today!



  1. Traci York

    Wow! I really enjoyed listening to you “chat!” 🙂

    I’m straining my brain a bit here, but I’m pretty sure I have a “getting to know you” game that we used to do at our homeschool coop, as well as at girl scouts. First person says, “Hi, my name is_____ and my action is….” then they do something like clapping, whistling, making a funny face. Next person says, “That person’s name is____ and their action is____ and my name is ____ and my action is….” etc. I even did it at a few leader meetings, and we had some fun with it! Best of luck with the school preparations!

    Liked by 1 person

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