Its New and Shiny!

Its New and shiny and its all mine.  My birthday is near the end of the month (A Leo forever!) and I was disheartened.  My blog is this ever evolving entity, It started as a way for me to keep sane when my son was born (I went from writing 8 Lesson Plans a week and grading the work of 175 students to not writing at all). I would snooze to Downton Abby and do my best to keep him alive.  After the second month of his life, (I took off five months, 3 school months and 2 summer months) I was up to the challenge and frightfully bored.

Afternoon of Sundries was born as I was sitting in the bathtub.  Seriously.  My hubs had the baby and I was like, “Gosh I love writing.  I can never make it through hundreds of pages though.  I could blog with one hand supporting the babe/ boob and the other hand is free to post via the app!”

It worked, it really did.  Then it was like throwing stones into a pond.  I hoped there was someone out there, anyone to keep me alive and sane.

So the blog was a Mommy blog.  I added teaching insights and experiences (my highest # of posts to date are teacher posts.) as CDubs grew and I had a husband home for the summer.

It stayed that way for a year and some change, and some lovely people came by and encouraged the heck out of me.  Luckily, no one sent me hate mail or anything.  After I hit 100 followers I started getting my first spam comments.  That’s how you know you are getting somewhere! That’s when the focus started to change.

I started writing not just for my self but for others. I bought a domain name, and a wonderful blogger made me a killer logo.

I was feeling pretty awesome. I was all fancy and I had a name!  I started designing graphics for my blog and fiddling with layouts and….

Then a huge depression hit me in the gut last year.  I think I went to a hundred or more posts a year, to ten in 7 months.  Seriously, ten posts in seven months.  I was blocked, I was struggling at work, home, and socially. I was going to shut down my blog.  I was going to skip the domain renewal let my site become a and disappear.  Delete everything and run.  Which honestly, I don’t do well.  Someone once told me I just don’t know how to let things go.  Maybe I don’t.

What I don’t like doing is to give up.  Lord knows I have been given up on, neglected, whatever for more than half life in so many ways.  Moving out was the best thing I ever did.

I just stopped. I thought how much I enjoy writing.  How more present I was at home, when I used this as outlet.  I sat my butt down and I said “I’m going to write something today.”

And I did, Above Reproach was the 1st in a long line of posts.  They weren’t very good, but they were on my blog and they were words I had written.  They were depressed like me and I explored a great many things in my mind.  Why I did, what I was, and how I got to be who I am. That was a start.  Truly the day that everything changed in my mind was when I posted Caught in Sight a four chapter fantasy story. I can’t remember off the top of my head who it was but someone said “Keep going.”  They weren’t any more detailed than that, and yet my mind went, yes. Not many people other than them read these except I think a few who could tell something was up.  I appreciate them, even if it wasn’t their cup of tea.

It was my first fictional piece.  I think people have thought other times I had written fiction on here but most of them were based a little too closely to what I experienced as a child.  I changed things but not very much.

Now I have written just a few more and already, I am hooked.

I love reading fiction,  historical fiction, mythologies, fantasy novels, thrillers, ghost stories, fables, romance novels of many types, murder mysteries… they are all perfectly amazing.  I’ve wanted to be a writer since my very first book in 7th grade.  I wrote over 200 pages before my floppy (yes floppy disk, from a word processor no less) was erased/destroyed.

So yet again my blog has shifted.

Bit no one really knows me for fiction per say.  I am more… lifestyle-ish I think than Fictional Blogger. I also enjoy sharing my teaching stores when needed, my little Jesusy quotes, Media Monday and my weekend coffee share posts… I like sharing my life and interacting through experiences and other media.

I had thought to turn Afternoon of Sundries into a purely journal type blog and starting another blog just for fiction.  However, I have people who are fans of my personal stuff and my fictional stuff.  I have some folks only here for the fiction.  There would be changing of blogs and moving things around and copying posts over and I am starting school again in 3 weeks.  I do NOT have time for that.

If only I could take my blog, and split it in half. Have a page of fiction and a page of my stuff.  Wordpress didn’t offer that option unfortunately. Yeah I can make a page with links all over the place and I probably will. It may be easier to get to content that way but I am so visual.  So are a lot of people nowadays.

This is how I came across Gema.  Its a totally new layout.  You can not only see multiple posts at once, instead of scrolling for 1000 years, but you can see excerpts or quotes, view post graphics, and there are a few nifty streamlined processes now embedded into the theme itself. I still have much to learn about Images and Blogging but I feel this is a more pleasing, less cluttered format.  So I bought it.  Yes, happy early birthday to me.  It costed more than my domain does yearly but unlike my domain I purchase once and its for “the life of the blog.” So there is that.  (I was going to buy a DNA kit. Eh.  They are more effective on males anyway.  I supposedly need my brother to offer up some spit first, then myself. )

I need to rework some images and add this:

A Dropcap apparently

to every post’s first letter and I will be well on my way.  While I am at it, I may weed out some weirder content.

Yeah I’ve got a way to go before  am a writer, but at least I know I want to go that way.  Lord I might have to actually learn to be more grammatically correct when I write.  My biggest challenge to be sure (this is sue to the stupid reforms in education over the past 20 years.  I have no idea what a participle is and why there are past ones.  No fecking clue.).

I still hope you will respect me in the morning.

Alright, I’m getting silly because its 2:28AM and I have a cat on my left leg and I am lightheaded from lack of sleep. Thank you for stopping by, reading my late night rambles and most of all, your support over the years!  Even if you are new, you are giving me hope.  If you have time, tell me what you think about the new layout in the comments!

Blessed Be and Be Blessed!


  1. The Indecisive Eejit

    I’m going through a bit of a writing drought myself. I had a similar conversation where I talked to one of my friends about closing everything down. I too thought don’t want to quit.
    I found recently I enjoy writing flash fiction, anything longer and I get all caught up in myself lol
    I still second guess myself and what I write, but I’m trying to be better at not doing it and not worrying what people think. I think we’re all works in progress and we’ll have many changes before we actually settle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. afternoonofsundries

      Flash Fiction… *Googling* Ah! I just thought they were short stories, (I know mine are a little long to flash… I tend to run at the mouth) shorter short stories but short stories nevertheless.

      I too get caught up. I’ve had a couple of suggestions for lengthening my work which I COMPLETELY appreciate but right now I also don’t want to get too caught up in myself. I think I will eventually take their advice. If I do now though, I may never comeback, lol!

      I definitely have, in my life, cared far too much what everyone else thought, and then went with it. Less conflicts, less thinking, much easier. I don’t think I was trying to be mindless, I just had A LOT of stress. It has taken me years to realize I didn’t like that person (me) very much though lots of other people did. Now I too worry less about what they think and more about what I think. If I think its good, I am just happy I wrote it and didn’t discard the post! I am even more thrilled when I hit publish! (I have thrown away a great many posts in this last year of being blocked)

      I admit though, its beyond the moon lovely when people engage over something I wrote.

      I agree, we are on a road. Who knows where we will end up! Thankfully, there are a lot of good people (like yourself) willing to go along for the ride and encourage! Thank you for your understanding, your kind words, and for reading!


  2. angelanoelauthor

    I like the new adventure. It’s exciting to look at a mountain and want to climb it for no other reason than–it just feels good. So GO! I’m excited to see where it leads.

    Liked by 1 person

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