Such Ridiculous… He’s so… Why Does He Get to Talk for Me?

I‘m sorry. It’s so ridiculous that the President of my country is Donald Trump. You know, I respect the office of the president in general. Many presidents have approved things I do not believe in.

But you would think, if a human being went though, was tested, made it through basic training, and enlisted in our military that we wouldn’t care if He’s got a Johnson or a Susan under His military uniform.

I. 👏🏼Don’t. 👏🏼Care. 👏🏼Donald.👏🏼


We are lucky that we have mature, altruistic, brave humans that enlist in our military in spite of who’s in charge, to keep us safe.

Why do you care? Oh wait…

You said you did. (God I wish one T was silent. He certainly does show his rump enough.)

But no. We have to restrict more freedoms, go back on more promises, and continue to not love our neighbor.

Loving your neighbor is not taking away their livelihood just because we don’t agree with their “life choices.” (In my opinion LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 people are born this way and if they suffer from dysmorphia, feel trapped in the wrong body, or simply choose to dress in the way they feel most comfortable- however they choose to alter their appearance then they should and live and let God!)

We cannot know the thoughts of God and I cannot try. I might be the most misguided Mormon, Christian, White, Woman, person living in the Bible Belt ever, but I think we aren’t supposed to judge. It isn’t our place.

So why, why, do we judge people who are not harming others? Why? Why do we take away their freedoms because they are different? Why?

What have these men in women in the armed forces done that warrants this discrimination? Have they not bled for us? Have they not died? Have they not sacrificed for our freedoms enough? How much more American do they need to be?!

I’m just… Buffy and Zander can show this better than I:

Change ‘School’ to ‘Country’s’ and I give you, the feeling of the next 3 1/2 years.

WTW Donald?


    1. afternoonofsundries

      Sorry, you were spammed before! Usually WP does a fantastic job of weeding out spammy comments.

      It is unfortunate and disheartening. However it’s heartening that many people are rising up and voicing their opinions and trying to make a difference, whatever positive way they can. Hopefully it will be enough!


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