Media Mondays Vol. 2

It's time for Media Mondays on AoS!

First a big thank you to VisionsofSolitude for participating and sharing this gem:

Gosh, my house is SO equal. Lol! Thanks for sharing!

Lighthearted and Funny

Brain Hull Breaks Tiana- impersonations


James Breakwell @XplodingUnicorn 's twitter has me cackling like an idiot:

Mike Rowe is not only a secret (well not anymore) man crush, but completely hysterical whenever he reads his equally hysterical mother's letters:

Wicked Talented Folks (I find them relaxing!)

Mei Yu is an amazing artist!


Banana Jamana is also unreal!

You've probably seen this but Pentatonix and Todrick Hall's Wizard of Ahhs

Inspirational videos

Don't let others project their fears on you- Taraji Henson

Ohhhh the Comics

(Next 4 are





(And the halrious Adam Ellis)


Manga for Dayyyyys

I have rediscovered my love for manga in these bite sized chapters on Webtoon

It has a good selection of genres, artistic styles, and interesting topics. Most series (if not already completed) update weekly and some feature original music by some talented musicians (not usually by the writers or illustrators, there seems to be a lot of collaboration going on, love it!) Check out Webtoons if you're hankering for something good to read! (You can see some of my picks in the photo. Yup…)
That's it for this week's Media Mondays! I hoped you enjoyed this week's offerings! Do you have any media you enjoyed this past week? Please share below and stay happy folks!


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