Weekend Beverage Share: Clean it, Work it, Do it Girl(s)


(Before I get started, if you haven’t tried ELF’s night-time lotion, it’s wonderful. It absorbs right in!)

Today, my sister left for the lands of VA. She has an apartment to prepare to pack up and move. Her hubs has been reassigned after his updated training in Cali, which she obviously opted to not go with, and she shall be moving to Alexandria of all places.

I happen to know they have good food in Alexandria and a lovely Target. Why do I know this? A friend of the past, J, used to live there. To say I was caught off guard when Rosa said where they were moving, is an understatement.

This naturally brought on a melancholy where I decided I effectively lost most of  my side of the wedding party to various unfortunate reasons, which will be categorized under heading:  life.

(Actually, no they didn’t, but the privacy masks seemed so Manga tough girl. The one on the far left talks with me quite frequently and I absolutely love her and I am grateful for her time. She is a wonderful teacher. The second one in is the one who used to live in Alexandria, the young lady next to Ry is an avid business woman, and the fourth young woman on the end, on Ry’s side, does mysterious things in London for our government (?) (I don’t have clearance. Seriously.))

To which my sister listened and offered sage advice followed by, “keep cleaning.”

Military wives, what can you do?

So she left to prepare and I continued on.

In reflection, we accomplished the following in 4 days and a morning:

  • We donated 10 bags of toys, clothes, and kitchen ware to Helping Hands Thrift.
  • We painted 6 shelving units for under the sink.
  • We reorganized 4 out of 5 dish cabinets.
  • She patched our couch and modified the support.
  • We cleaned an entire toddler wasteland of clothes, books, shoes, goldfish remains, geological samples, rescued Tsum Tsums, and stored clothes in the closet.
  • Found a better place for the preserved wedding dress (why did I preserve that dress?).
  • Cleaned the hallway.
  • Reorganized 4 under sink areas.
  • Reorganized the linen closet.
  • Cleaned and washed almost 15 loads of laundry. (We’re pigs, I get it. To our defense 5 of those loads were new/used clothes that a friend brought over. They had been in storage. One load was new/ used curtains that smelled like an old folks home. Had to wash that. Separately.).
  • Went through boxes and decided what was going in the attic.
  • Organized a clothing closet.
  • She fixed the sicker insert on a table my extremely round cats broke through.
  • Added pretty curtains behind our blackout curtains so I could pull them back on sunny days and enjoy.
  • Vacuumed the entire top half of the house.
  • Dusted the top half of the house.
  • And killed a large striped spider that actually flexed at me. I thought it was going to jump, I was wrong. So was it, poor bro died. 

Shouldn’t have left that back door open so much this weekend.

Now you may be a fan of my AoS Spring Cleaning posts and remembered that one year we donated upwards of 15 or more bags of clothes, another painted furniture (warning this is pre no cussing), moved mountains etc. Why did we not do these things this year?

Well one, my townhouse is teeny. We have enough furniture now. We are actually going to be blessed with honest to fudge real furniture this summer (we hope). No sense in getting and then having to leave it on the side of the road (yes we do that here, in a designated side of the road area. The city picks it up).

We got rid of most of the super old stuff years ago. What was donated was more recent items.

And for the first time, we actually just straight up did little chores. We watched a movie or two. Rosa and I didn’t work us to starvation this year, we stopped for 2 hour homemade lunches and dinners.

Yeah, it was still intense. I’m getting older. It physically hurts going up and down stairs now, I can hear my knees crunching and my cartilage giving up (I thought I had 20 more years until cane time darn it!).  But we did it, and I have clothes for work! Hot dog!

So while to may seem to me we did less, we really didn’t.  My hope is, the upstairs becomes easier to clean like the downstairs now is (well since last spring break).

Now something more challenging starts tomorrow, being back from spring break with a bunch of battery charged 5th- 7th graders and “already graduated,” feeling 8th graders. And we take up money for the big annual field trip tomorrow and yes, I’ve been contacted already about it! On a Sunday!

I’m telling you, almost makes me miss the weekend!

How was your weekend?!



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