Media Mondays


I'm scrolling through Facebook on a nightly basis, and I find these gems – videos, snaps, photos, comics, etc. – that I just love. A lot of the time I just share them on my fb page and hope someone out there thinks it's cool too.

However, not everyone has time to watch videos or browse though the news feed. Not everyone has friends with the same taste either, so I thought, what the hey, bloggers can always use some fun! (We really can!) Why not try to share some of the enjoyable content I come across with others?

I just like to be entertained and I feel like others do too. So here are some media choices I've discovered over the past week that I've enjoyed and I hope you will too!

Seriously Good Music 

The Prayer Cover by Marcelito Pomoy

Rocking Nuns: Siervas

Voice Play: Phantom of The Opera


🤣 Videos


(This gives me life)

Mom Shorts

Push Up Diet

Colorado Symphony Lead by T-Rex




Adam Ellis 

Everything he does is relatable and hilarious.






1010! (Link is to the Apple Store) I blame Eloise. Stack blocks for hours and never win. Completely addicting.

Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Story Addictive Game by LLC "Webgames" (won't link) Old school video game graphics, easy concept you clean up after hoarders,  undead hoarders (ghosts), battle other ghosts that seem to want to keep you from cleaning and you swish at stuff with your magic wand. Seriously, it's cute.

We Read Too is an app that gives a reader a diverse selection of books to read, written by authors of color about people of color.
I hope you enjoyed at least one thing on here today, that it made your day brighter? and that I can continue to curate more and better content next week!

Do you have any media you would love to share? Please link it below or post your own take on Media Mondays! Whatever you do, have a wonderful week!


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