The Troll Trap

If you haven’t seen DreamWorks Trolls yet, you might want too. I might spoil it for you.

It was the last night that my sister will be in town, and I felt pretty cruddy. My intestinal tract felt like I was trying to digest a spiky ball, and let me tell you, it’s not comfortable. In her attempts to make last night a good last night together, she suggested we watch Trolls by DreamWorks.


Besides it’s all-star cast and candy colored felt/yarn/cloth like world, it’s got a pretty twisted mythos on what Trolls are good for.

You see, the are happy, energetic, and loveable things that have to hug every hour, sing and dance all day, and party.

There’s another group of intelligent beings in this candy and rainbow world called the Bergen. They are dull, colorless, depressing and vile things. A Bergen cannot be happy, at all. They seemed to be ruled by entirely negative emotions, greed, anger, self loathing, are materialistic and all those sorts of things.


One day, for an inexplicable reason, a Bergen eats a Troll. I mean straight up eats the other sentient being. Once ingested, a Troll causes the Bergen to feel euphoric and happy, something they seemingly are unable to do on their own.

This causes a great stir and Trolls are culled once a year and eaten so that every Bergen can enjoy happiness… one time that year.

Now this is explained in the first 5 to 10 minutes of the movie, so I haven’t spoilt too much.

So I watch this hour and some, neon, hairfilled good time of a rave, filled with good laughs, inexplicable glittery nudity, upbeat song and dancing, (loved it though everyone was highly auto tuned),Cinderella-esq themed film and I realize at the end that it’s actually an incredibly well done film.


I mean yes, the colors, graphics, and details are lovely, and just about every darn character can sing, but I’ll be darned if this movie isn’t representing our society today.

Constantly, in the movie, the Bergens are told they, “cannot be happy unless they eat a Troll.” That without this thing in their lives they cannot be whole or happy. They do not even try to aspire to being happy. They exist wishing and wanting but never being able to get it. This is what they are told and never question this belief. Once the chance to eats Troll arises, the anticipation gives a brief hope and then once gone, they only wish have the whole experience again.

This struck me because today, right now we are told so many things are the only ways to be happy. To have a partner, to get married is the only way to be happy. To have kids with your partner is the only way to be happy. To own this car, or this phone, or eat this food, or look this way, or buy this thing, these will give you happiness, confidence, love and acceptance, but only if you have these things, do these things, want these things.

And what if you don’t? What if you don’t want to eat a troll? One character almost met a sticky end for an action similar to this. This is the Troll Trap, if you will.


Do people not get ostracized, belittled, made less of when they don’t follow the pack? When they don’t try to fill that empty void with things, other people seem to notice. It’s about followers, it’s about poses, it’s about everything except accepting that you, just you determine your happiness.

I’m not talking that zen follow your heart to a higher state and choose not to be depressed bullhocky. I mean that you choosing to be true to you (as long as it’s healthy and consensual) (just saying) and live your way and stop looking for happiness from outside sources but within. (Just like  the furry little pink one said)

Stuff doesn’t make us happy, not for long. Acquire, then own, well that’s over, time to acquire, and own again. Aren’t I happy with my watch, clothes, hair, and other objects?

Then we acquire people, followers, “friends,” and expect these superficial acquaintances will make us truly happy?*

What happens when they leave?

When the stuff isn’t enough?

What happens when you can’t buy it, or snort it, or drink it, or force it to fill a hole it simply wasn’t ment to fill?

I think that’s when, like the Bergens, we need to realize our own worth, our own happiness and what that truly takes. It’s been inside us all along. Making a real relationship with someone, having the knowledge you are enough, giving up things for memories instead… being content with being enough and having enough.

Maybe that leads to true happiness.

Or I suppose you could eat a troll everyday.

I’m telling you, it was a very thought-provoking film. I enjoyed it immensely.

There is just one more thing the film makes me truly ponder.

Why is it that ALL the Trolls except the glittery, glitter farting Trolls are clothed?


I mean are the glitter farts so precious that the glitter Trolls are more revered and above clothes? I mean why are they all naked?

I really don’t know, but go rent the movie, it’s pretty good!
*Oobviously I have and I am sure many of you have meaningful, online relationships. I also use social media as a tool, don’t get me wrong. However I am a middle school band teacher, and I see and hear my students focused only on gaining disposable people for following etc. Often I hear them get worked up over these friends, compete over them, do things they shouldn’t for them and there are consequences.



  1. dragonflylady77

    We learned about the lack and how it’s impossible to fill in my Visual Language class… Advertising creating a need, on the (empty) promise that their product will make your life better, because hey, your life is never good enough, but the future, oh, child, the future will be golden if you buy x, y, and z…
    Some French phychiatrist/philosopher called Lacan wrote about this at length…
    And you’re right, nothing will ever make you happy if you’re not happy with yourself first. ❤
    The pressure to conform is immense though and at times it can be hard on the soul.
    You write about these things so much more eloquently than I ever could!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. afternoonofsundries

      Now that was interesting! I shall look up this man and read his musings!

      You are too kind, and I appreciate the compliment! Right now I need all the encouragement I can get, especially from people I admire (such as yourself)! You are a wonderful writer and artist!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. dragonflylady77

        I don’t feel that I deserve the title of artist… When I see how some ppl in my class can draw I just want to go home and cry because I feel a complete fraud. I keep waiting for my tutors to tell me I need to stop faking this artist thing and go find a job instead. My headstone will read “she was good at a lot of things, but great at none”
        Right now, I want to write, I want to knit but I have homework I NEED to do, two assessments due next week. *sigh*

        Liked by 1 person

      2. afternoonofsundries

        I feel like that a lot too. Remember, everyone starts somewhere and it may take a good while for you to be able to make you happy. And it is you, you are your harshest critic. As long as you enjoy it, you are doing what’s right for you, now. Stressing just makes things work, that I do have experience with!

        Liked by 1 person

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