Annual Spring Cleaning Visit

I know Spring is an annual thing but the Visit of my sister comes but once a year! Yes the delightful Rosa came to visit me this week!

Ah, we were so cute.

She is an artist and crafts woman by trade:

And sells a great many things in her Etsy shop and at comic cons and trunk shows all over.

For the past 3 years, she has been traveling to see me to try to help me survive. It’s been hard for me to be a mom, a teacher, and a wife and keep all my stuff together. She comes and offers help with organization, cleaning and helps me donate things I don’t need. Due to her I’ve recognized things I truly don’t need on my own, and she has given me great ideas on how to get us organized and fit into our small apartment. Which seems unfair to say because it’s a town house but it’s tiny, it’s ment for college students to rent, couples or singles. Not a family. Every family I’ve met here has moved within the first 3 years in order to gain, “more space.” Since my credit score has taken another hit this month, I’m thinking we’ll be here for a bit.

But she is truly wonderful with her ideas and skills, this woman has reupholstered furniture, sewn gowns, and all sorts of awesome things!

Here she is adding a lace curtain to my blackout curtains so I can let in my much-needed sunlight and make the space look pretty too!

She brought with her in this trip these wonderful under sink organizers:

Made with wood scraps and Dollar Tree bins

They look great and my sinks are much more organized now!

We’ve been washing clothes and moving bags for donation, spray painting things, Patching things… just trying to hold everything together for another year.

This year will be especially important because this is her last year she will be able to do spring break with us. Her hubs is in the military and he’s pretty serious about it. She’s moving in 3 weeks and they will be too far north to visit during the spring and do what she must with her art.

I may get to see her during Christmas though. I do not think it will be the same though.

Well, I have to learn how to make this all work anyhow, right?

She will be here for 1 more full day and leave on the morning of  Sunday. I hope with her help to get a great many things prepared for converting my son’s room into a toddler room. So many things need to be changed up so he won’t knock them over or hurt himself. Taking a step in that direction gives me more time this summer when the switch happens- which isn’t really that far away!

This weekend Ry will tak CDubs to the Discovery Kids Place without me. We’ve explained that to him and he’s just so excited to go. I’m staying behind with Rosa to finish things. CDubs doesn’t want to go without me, my darling boy. He’s just to excited to sleep! I’m glad we have that pass. It really helps things!!

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