Above Reproach 

Why do we decide things are above reproach? What qualifications are needed in order to place something above something else; so that it is not questioned? So that when that thing is lifted high and when it is discovered fallible, as all things man-made seem to be, targeted vitriol is released? Suddenly, forcibly someone must be completely insane to not agree with this thing above reproach.

Every blasted thing that we hold dear, religion, country, people have good and bad events, people, choices, decisions that were made. I doubt highly anyone is completely proud of everything they have ever done and yet, it’s like every time someone comes close to your thing that is above reproach, suddenly it’s past is forgotten and the opposing/ disagreeable side’s transgressions are remembered (and sometimes demonized).

Funny that.

Nothing is above questioning. Nothing is above perfection. You cannot rewrite history to make yourself more comfortable. You cannot force people to change who they are because you are uncomfortable. You have to remember where we came from. History isn’t pretty for anybody. If you go back far enough you can find just about anything.

What matters is what is done now. It’s how we look at these things and realize human constructs are human. Humans are fallible and so are the things we create. Striving for that perfection isn’t wrong unless we forget the lessons we learned in trying to obtain it. Never assume you’ve reached it and never allow it to become more than your morals, more than your ethics and more than you are willing to maintain.

That’s probably why you should give the new Live Action Beauty and the Beast a chance. They really do look like they tried very hard.

😋😜 April Fools! Aren’t you mad you read that? Sorry, I couldn’t resist! I hope this mischief means my writer’s block will leave me alone. We’ll see!


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