Weekend Beverage Share: Two Week Share!


This idea of a weekend catch up was devised by the fantastic Parttimemonster! You are more than welcome to join in and share!

I’m in the mood for some hot cocoa- salted caramel or peppermint with whipped cream- and a bear claw. You are more than welcome to have a coffee, brewed coffee really does smell divine…

We have lots to talk about. Most of it I cannot divulge due to a contract and the joys of the NC legislative/educational body. Suffice to say, I gave exams. That’s about the only thing I can legally say.

But it took up the bulk of my past two weeks. I was granted planning time, however, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I added multiple pages to my band website.  It’s a little more comprehensive now. I hope students and parents are able to utilize the pages I’ve created…

(Added a lot of pages!)

There was an instance of an unfortunate nature as well during this time. A group of students used us an alibi when they were caught being somewhere they were not supposed to be. While they were punished, we had to change our after school tutoring policy. I admit, it’s more difficult for kids to stay after now, but if they want to, really, then they will follow the new steps.


(Seriously, they tried to tell us they didn’t lie exactly)

Oh children. Perhaps you have a story or two to tell about your character Karen being caught in a falsehood or even one about you? I have to say I was a pretty tame kid, I skipped class once in middle school and went out to the woods behind the school. There was a gap in the gate, and we wiggled through. We weren’t caught, and if we had been, I don’t think we could spin it any other way than we choose to be bad. Scared the mess out of us, we worried the whole time we would be caught. It wasn’t any fun at all.

But that was then, and this situation was definitely different. For one thing, it was in the 90’s and nobody’s parents would dream of blaming a teacher. Times certainly have changed.

At home, we were blessed with a perfect visit with CDubs’s Mimi. It’s not that she would have acted imperfectly, it’s more that planned events wouldn’t line up properly or someone would get sick last-minute…

But none of that happened. CDubs had an absolute blast at Discovery Place:

He cried when we left. I totally want to take him back as much as possible. Worry the $8 each and you pay for the day, you can go out and in with wristbands.

My house was beautiful for 5 days after the visit and went back to looking like a toddler lived there (how surprising, huh?). We’re working on it, he’s going to learn to put things away someday!

He’s also being potty trained at daycare. We are doing our best at home but sadly they have him longer than we do. Although he’s not consistent, they want him in underwear already. He’s not even 3.

We decided on boxer briefs, and well, I’m not doing his laundry every night just because they want to move him to the 3yr old class 2 months early. I know he’s not ready but you’d think they knew better. Really I bet he’s schedule trained. Peer trained too since they all go together (many tiny toilets in one room). I’m not against these things but when mom and dad say, “He doesn’t try to use the bathroom at home,” maybe we also know what we’re talking about too.

Just maybe.

Until then, underwear I suppose.

Have you read any good books lately? I’m rereading all of the Enchanted Inc. books. It started with hallway duty and now I’m plowing through them again at home.

I can’t say I can relate to Katie Chandler, I’m not magically immune, I don’t live in NYC, and the only nefarious plots I put kinks in are catching kids trying to skip class. I’d like to pretend people need me as much as they seem to need her.

The book series itself is funny and pretty chaste, I suggest you check it out if you’re into romance and fantasy.

I’ve been thinking about how I can change careers but not completely lose what I’ve achieved degree wise. I’ve thought about it, and well I might start taking classes again soon. These classes will be apart of what I hope will be a Master’s Degree in Library Science. I could become a music librarian with this degree or a school librarian with creative leanings. I haven’t spoken to my husband about it yet. I’m not even sure I can find an online program that offers this degree online. I will have to see.

(Anytime you can put James Marsters in your post, you should. It doesn’t matter if the connection to your subject is weak, he’ll make up for it. In spades. My opinion of course.)

It would pay more. I wouldn’t have the same student interaction but that might be the change I need. We’ll see. It will take a couple of years to be sure. I’ve always thought about getting this degree but I thought I would be older. Ah well.

I’ve been having lots of fun on ancestry looking up my family. I’ve discovered a lot of relatives:

See that woman, Aquilla Scrugs?  Well she is my great great grandmother. She happens to be the sister of George Scruggs (and has possibly 12 siblings). We George Scruggs married Lula G Ruppe and has some kids. One of them is my 1st cousin 3Xs removed, Bluegrass musical legend Earl Scruggs:

Ever since I was a kid, I heard about “Cousin” Earl from my grandmother. She recalls one night when she was a little girl, her daddy Floyd Brooks took her and her siblings to go pick up this man. He had an instrument case and his vehicle had broken down. He had a concert to get to, and Floyd, her daddy, was the only one close enough with a car who could get him where he needed to go. Her dad is one of his many, many uncles (my ancestors had about 10+ kids each). My grandmother has been to many Brooks/Scruggs family reunions, and visited the farm where Earl grew up when she was a child. She recalls every single one of Earl’s siblings could play something, and if they didn’t play they sang.

I’m sure half of Shelby, NC is related to Earl, but it’s cool to finally see how I am (barely) related to him.

I mean you hear about it your whole life and you think, “Well okay but…” and then there it is. So that’s pretty nifty.

Then there’s my grandfather:

Half Native American, half Something else and all mystery. I cannot trace him any further than his mother, Lilly Foust and Elson Wilson. His wife was easier, Nana’s people came over not even 100 years ago. I can find Nationalization records for my great great grandmother. Anything prior to that is in Italy though.

We’re looking up Ryan’s too…

We believe this gentleman is one of his greats as well. I can kind of see it.

Have you tried to trace your family history? I’m doing our history for many reasons. I want CDubs to know his family, at least in spirit. There’s also a tenant of Mormonism that says we are to do this, for baptismal purposes. It’s complex, but if you’re interested

I’m not sure I can baptize any of my deceased family members because you need permission from their closest kin, which I am not. I certainly won’t be trying to baptize Earl… I think people would come after me… 😱

Anyway, there are other folks I may be able to do in the future… ugh that sounds morbid.

This has taken a turn, sorry about that. My true goal right now though is tracing the family back and seeing where it goes!

It’s nap time y’all. The babe is stirring around in his crib (we bought a toddler bed frame last week. By the summer I hope to have a mattress, sheets, pillow, two piece jammies, cloth book shelf to replace the oak one (he can have it back when he’s older), and possibly a comforter set. ) and it might be my clicking that’s bothering him!

Hope you had a wonderful week my friends!! Thanks for the drink!



  1. dragonflylady77

    Mmmmmmm Spike….. *wipes the drool*
    I saw James Marsters in concert in London in 2009. It was a tiny venue and my friend Jade and I were about 2m away from him. It was awesome. ^_^

    That place you took your gorgeous boy looks like a LOT of fun!!!

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