Sometimes I disappoint people.
Sometimes I disappoint people because I seem a certain way and they discover I’m not that way they imagined. Sometimes people imagine all the things I can be and what my priorities should be based on their own ideals and beliefs. When I don’t meet those expectations I in turn disappoint them.

This is not to debate if that is fair or not; this is just a statement of things that sometimes happens.

Because sometimes it does.

Sometimes people decide my action are such based on information they think they have on me or that they surmised based on superficial things: looks, skin color, religion, occupation, income; to name a few.

Disappointment truly does happen over such things. Sometimes people let their disappointment overwhelm their idea and feelings towards me. I become that instance of disappointment.

Sometimes disappointed people give up on me. Disappointment becomes apathy and there’s nothing I can do or say to change your mind.

Which is always a shame. I am human, and though I did not live up to your expectations, is it possible I did not have your expectations in mind? Perhaps my priorities are different from yours? My own hopes or dreams, my own plans?

But how will we ever know? If people are disappointed and never get together openly, starting that dialogue, and actually listen to one another…

Well then sometimes you’re going to be disappointed in me until… you’re not. You’re absolutely indifferent and neither of us will really come out the winner.



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