Weekend Beverage Share!



This idea of sharing ones week originated over at Parttimemonsters fantastic blog! Check it out!

I had this conversation already once this weekend, but Mormons don’t drink coffee or tea (we are extremely old-fashioned that way) so for the season, let’s share an herbal tea (that’s okay as long as its pure herbs like peppermint, my fave, or a mixture of flowers. No tea-plant allowed.) or hot cocoa! Or you can bring your own, I totally understand.

I have dreams about sweet tea. I wake up tasting it, it’s surreal.

So there’s that explanation. I probably won’t explain this anymore, I feel like I do that a lot, sorry! I’ll just link this in the future! It’s a plan!

So, if we were catching up, I’d tell you I spent the week having a wonderful Christmas and that CDubs just loved Christmas… and then woke up the next day and played with his presents! Then I found two we forgot so he opened those! Then the next day a package came for him and he opened that(can you guess where I’m going with this?). Then we went and visited L and he thought her presents where his presents, and… now he asks for presents every day! Every. Day.

What have we wrought?! I really didn’t think it would be a problem. Now everything is “his.”

Pout for presents!

He’s 2, he’ll grow out of it. Right now he’s just super cranky cause his schedule has been tossed to the wind. And he wants presents.

All the presents.

I would tell you we were so blessed though, the family (friends included) really were wonderful to our little guy this year. Ry and I couldn’t possibly have given him the Christmas he had without them. He was so very happy! The sparkle in his eyes, was so cute! We received some wonderful gifts too, and promptly purchased ourselves some fantastic presents! Truly blessed!

Now we have 45 days until our next pay period. Woohoo….

I think we can make it. I think. We probably made a little too merry and by we, I mean me.

Positives though we are focusing on those now!

I would also tell you we had the best time visiting our dear friends L and CDub’s uncles M&D. Everyone had a house! Like it’s their house! Watch out, solvent adults two hours North West of here! Both homes were beautiful, in great locations and CDubs even cried when he left. He only does that when he has an absolute blast.

Someday, we want a house.

I would tell you contouring is hard AF. Seriously.

So I saw myself in this picture and thought, “what is wrong? I don’t like what I’m seeing.” At first, I was like my lips are too dark. I look like a vampire, that’s it.
Then I watched some videos and realized my contour is too low:

Because everyone says you are darkening where the shadows should be. Well on me I have indentation/ shadow there. In fact, not all of that darkness you see is powder but a shadow.

But what I’ve discovered my friend is I need to darken higher. It’s like I’m underlining my cheeks.

I really wish a pro would sit my butt down and say, “Darling, it’s okay but now let me show you the right way/color/brushes to use for your face.”

I can dream right?

(He might not have been the first to say it, but I cannot find out who was the first! Trust me I looked! If you know, let me know/ give me your source!)

I would also tell you school starts Tuesday. Oh my goodness, they really shortened our break due to a calendar error last year. We got 12 days. Usually we get 14 to 16. Oh wah, two or 4 days. I know. If I could, Tuesday would be a workday. I start teaching 4 new classes this week and I just want to be perfectly set up, you know? I understand that the first days are rules, getting to know yous, and how can we manipulate our teacher days. But I go from 4 classes to 8 classes and I just want to make sure I actually get the logistics of it all, you know? Do a good job, be interesting and all that.

I would tell you That I am not 100% sure how to move forward with these sketchy plans I have for the future. I feel like an artist who has prepped their canvas and sketched a general outline of their subject. I am not even painting yet!

I’m thinking. I’m thinking a lot.

I would also tell you that it’s late here, and I need to stop going to bed at midnight and taking naps at 2PM.

Where’s the job I can do that on the regular?

I appreciate you stopping by, I know there’s so much to do after the holidays! We still need to take everything down still! So much to do!

Thank you so much for reading!!



  1. dragonflylady77

    I’ve had more cups of tea than water today and now I have a headache…
    I’m knitting, again, and thinking about writing. Need to finish Selina and Donovan’s story.
    I know nothing about make up but my friend Nicci does, she might even do tutorials, if you’re looking for more info to muddle you up. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. afternoonofsundries

      Totally up for more makeup tutorials! I am glad you are knitting again, you do such amazing work! I’m all for some more Selina and Donovan stories ❤️! I love your writing but do it when you are ready and want too. I can wait! 😉


  2. Holly

    I thought I read before that caffeine in Coke, etc is OK,which is weird for me because I am addicted to that stuff and never touch coffee. Anyway.

    I am glad y’all had a good holiday!

    The lipstick looks great! I think a lot of people aren’t as bold as they could/should be with their lip color and that’s just right. I leave my artistic makeup expression to eye stuff though, I am too lazy to contour 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. afternoonofsundries

      It’s hard man! I know you’d think caffeine would be the thing to avoid… thank you for the compliment on the lipstick my friend! I tend to like bright lip colors but the dark ones I have to get used to! How was your holiday?


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