The Case of the Boo

Some Christmas Present Hiding Fun:

Tonight, Connor comes up to the big bed room to talk and play a bit before bed. He seemingly ignores the large white shape in front of my closet. Then… cats happen.
Evie takes a flying leap into the covered play kitchen, and I watch in horror as she grapples with the slick tablecloths over the slick plastic kitchen. I think about how she is going to reveal the present two days early! How could she decide to do this?!

I suppose it’s because she’s a cat of very little brain.

I holler, Ryan hollers and she runs off. I turn to Connor, and while the cloths didn’t reveal anything, I expected a question about the covered object from my son. And yes, at this point he’s staring at the object in front of my closet.


He turns to me and says very solemnly, “Evie attacked the Boo.”

… the Boo?
“Yes… that’s mommy’s boo,” I say.
He makes a “hmm” sound and goes back to counting his “roockses.”
Apparently, my son is observant. He decided the only logical explanation for that shape in front of the closet was we had a ghostly visitor and completely accepted it. Not only did he accept it, he was offended it wasn’t treated with the utmost respect. Cause ghosts were people too. (?)
Even now the cats are trying to take the cover off, (I am scolding them) and I hear Connor say through the monitor, “Leave the Boo, mommy’s boo, alone kitties. No hurt the Boo.”
Ryan has assured him the Boo is fine and the cats have gone to bed. I never thought I’d be comfortable with a ghost in my house. 👻



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