If We Were Having Drinks… And Possibly Pie…


Well, it’s that time of year where we eat a bunch of turkey, talk about anything and everything at the dinner table (usually because someone else who doesn’t know better asks).

It’s been a pretty rough school year. I think maybe, people starting over anywhere have a rough time. I hope. I tend to reflect on the good things I had at my last post. Even though, my last job was a mixed bag of good and bad experiences. So I am hoping, that I adjust soon or at least rally until Christmas break!

Can I tell you that CDubs has ANOTHER double ear infection! Another! This will be what, the 7th since he’s been born? He’s not even 3 yet, and he’s had surgery more times than me!

I’m pretty sure I have strep, which sucks. I should go to a walk in… maybe Friday.  We like to all get sick at once in my household.

He does enjoy the pediatrician’s waiting room though.
CDubs is sooooo excited for Christmas, even though he wore his Halloween costume (plus eats and tail) to dinner tonight. He has kidnapped my new santa and sleigh, salt and pepper shakers. I know he’s a kid and he’s nabbed them but he wants to sleep with them too, making his kidnapping even more cute.

Which is truly encouraging, his out-and-out excitement for this Christmas. He is HYPED! I know he has an idea that presents will appear, that Santa and a chimney are involved, and that he’s a good little boy- so he’s going to be richly rewarded. It’s true. I found an elf on le shelf via the Wish app (super cheap goods from overseas, I have not been very USA minded I know), and I am going to ask to borrow the elf book from a teacher friend of mine. I know the elf should show up with the decorations, but I’m going to pretend he’s jet lagged. Yup. I’m going with that.

I also talked Ry into getting this:

It’s by Step 2 and we got a reduced price today! CDubs always goes to the play kitchens at other people’s homes. He loves going through and cooking.

We’re going to have to be SUPER creative about building it beforehand and hiding it in our tiny apartment. It’s worth figuring it out though!

I also ordered some play food to go with it. He’s going to get some books, candy, stocking things too of course.

It’s just, we never can afford anything. Ry took a pay cut when he had to step down to the job he’s in now. So it was a surprise to find out we will be able to do more than our usual $10, Dollar Tree Christmas. CDubs of course would have had a normal Christmas. It’s just nice we will be able to buy ourselves something too.

Christmas was always a good time in my family growing up. Lots of unfortunate things went down the other 364 days of the year, but on Christmas? Nah uh. Makes me excited just thinking about it.

I know it was a big deal in Ry’s family too.

So really, I’m waiting for the turkey to be over so I can get the tree out of the attic.

Poor turkey. 🦃 It never gets as much hype being squished between Halloween and Christmas.

As for celebrating Thanksgiving, we’re going it alone this year, so it will be very understated. We are extremely blessed this year because my parents came by and dropped us off a rather large turkey! So while I will give the turkey it’s due, I will be thinking of my advent calendar and stockings.

Can’t help it. My son’s little face in Christmas will be so exciting to see! Every time we go to Wal-Mart he asks if he can go see the Christmas section. He spends a lot of time looking at the trees and Christmas ornaments.

As to the more sacred meaning of Christmas, I found a very simplified manger story picture book. I think it will be a good start to introducing him to the idea of Jesus. We pray together sometimes at night, and often for dinner. I would like to introduce the higher power to him gradually rather than tossing the idea out there when he is 5. Kinda confusing when your parents go, “Oh yeah, by the way, there’s this all-powerful being that watches you all the time. And he can kill you. Talk more later, here’s some illustrated stories for 10+ year olds.”

Yeah, wanna try that differently.

Maybe see a nativity play done by children.

I haven’t been going to church lately and it’s all my fault. So much so, the missionaries are texting me, popping by unannounced, offering to cook (maybe I am prejudiced, I can’t imagine a 19-year-old cooking a meal for anyone. Zapping pizza rolls, yes.)

It’s been kinda like that. They keep showing up when we’re sick. And honestly when I’m sick, I don’t wear a bra. I still answer the door because they won’t take a hint when we don’t answer. Bless them.

And I’m still into being a Sister, trying to read my Bible and The Book of Mormon, I am. It’s just honestly the glossy glow of baptism has left my eyes and I know once again, holy books are a guide in how to live our lives. A lot of doctrines do not apply to me. A lot of what will happen after death well, God will find a way. I really don’t believe I’ll be kept away from my son because we won’t be sealed together. I don’t. I don’t see how that could make me happy in any layer of heaven. I also believe that a good family is one that loves one another. It does not have to be a man and a woman. Maybe that’s the formula for what they believe is the most successful but we know life behaves differently.

I have faith though, with crazy people like me floating around I’ll either be excommunicated or changes will occur. All religions evolve. The Pope is pardoning abortions, you never know what men of God will do to surprise you.

So I have gotta have some faith or I’ll fry my own brain.

Speaking of Church, have you seen Lucifer lately?! Oh how they write this stuff!

(Not mine found on Pinterest)

I know that’s just the actors being fantastic for the camera but oooh how things are all webby this week. Momma is fantastic, I loved her in Battlestar Galactica and I love her here too! I want to shake Amenadiel but at the same time that scene with Maze was too perfect! I died laughing! This show! Can’t wait till next week!

Oh my friends, it’s midnight, I can barely swallow and my cats assure me it’s well past time to sleep. I have thoroughly enjoyed babbling enthusiastically about all the mundane goings on and totally appreciate your kind ear. It’s not often I get to unbend enough to do so, especially now… I don’t feel as comfortable sharing my life now that policy has changed at my job…

Anyway, I’ll figure it out! I hope you are all doing well, eating good meals in the next 24 hours and that good things happen for you! Thank you for having a tea or lemonade, no, spiced cider and pumpkin spiced latte(?) with me this evening! Be blessed!


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  1. Janice Wald

    I hope you also had a nice Thanksgiving.
    I am a dog person not so much a cat person. I did enjoy eating about your musings.
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger.
    I was his featured blogger too. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.
    I brought you the link to my About page so you can read more about my blog. http://wp.me/P6x6vQ-89

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