I Found my Happy Place: Product Review Global Beauty Care Dead Sea Mask

I live stress, I embody stress I have a non contagious eye disease that worsens with stress. My brain tumor causes my pituitary gland to secrete the hormone created from stress on it own.

I am the queen of stress, trust me.

Now I’ve established that base line (lol), let me tell you about my happy place.

The bathtub is by far the best place to pretend for 30 min the world is slow and easy. I fill up the tub with 105° water (I like it hit for the muscles), add salts or not, and carefully get in (cause you know, I am also very good at making the water go over the edge of the tub!).

While this is all great, I like to turn my little apartment tub into a spa, candles, a book and lately, this:

I got this sample of Global Beauty Care’s Premium Dead Sea Wash off Mask from my ipsy glam bag (ipsy has shown me so much in the year I’ve used it! For $10 a month, you really can’t get a better deal on great makeup and beauty products!).

The sample alone lasted me the entire month, twice a week (tub or not). It smells very good, is extremely calming to apply and my skin is very soft afterwards. If you use it in the tub, be prepared to clean it out though, I left a ring the last time I used it!

The mud covers well and you only need a little:

Oh yeah, mud masks are hot huh? Lol

Once it’s been on 15 minutes and you rinse it off, I suggest patting your face dry, using a toner to get the extra diatomaceous earth off, and moisturizer. Your skin will feel pampered! 

Also the product runs $10 a box, and even I can afford that! I will totally be buying this mask on my own!

This is my opinion of the Dead Sea mask. I was not in any way compensated for this post. If you are allergic to certain things that are found in beauty products, please read the label before use. I am personally so I always check! You should too!


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