Count Your Many Blessings: A Thankful Challenge 


When was the last time I posted something positive…?

I’m going to try to change my world a little here. I challenge you, me, everybody to take the weeks leading up to Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or heck let’s just make the next two months be the time we stop and think about what doesn’t suck in our lives. I mean seriously! I challenge everybody!

I’m not pretending part of the North American continent isn’t slowly being covered in a Cheetos orange-colored haze, where men with small hands and smaller minds reign No! I know it’s still happening. I don’t need to succumb to this toxic energy he is issuing and promoting.

I know we are all better than this, that we can prove our lives, our triumphs aren’t that different. Even though crawling out of a recession and wars are crushing, we know it’s a cycle. The pendulum will start to make its way into the other direction. We all have elements of greatness within us, we have amazing wonderful events and people in our lives already. No one needs to be refashioned and made great, we are all of us unique.

I’m not just spouting some millennial craziness, as a Gen Y-er I know not everything we do is worth a participation trophy 🏆. What I am saying is we control who we are when we are alone. We control who we are in public. We control how our children are raised, if we use and permit causal racism, if we make sexist remarks, if we promote and perpetuate rape culture. We control our immediate reality. We can choose to let ourselves degrade into madness or rise above it.

One really easy way is to remember who we are and where the hell we came from. Who made us great, how our lives make a positive impact and why that’s important. So I challenge you all to start remembering the good and trying to hold onto that feeling. Take that feeling and spread it out to as many people as you possibly can. I challenge you to define yourself and not let other define you.

I became a teacher because a perky, happy, musician took the time to get a poor scruffy girl a trombone. I became a teacher because she saw something in me. When I wanted to quit she told me no, and called me out. She changed my entire life.

I am taking that and while I can’t claim extreme positivity, I can claim that I do make a difference. I am so honored and glad that I can and I do. I think I make a positive impact on my students lives too. So thank you, Mrs. J. Even the highly aggravating students I love and give a chance and yes, even some students get called out because thankfully you did so for me. (This is not some sort of humble brag)

We are not all lost, we can find each other in the goodness we spread around. Be thankful, think hard on those feelings and give them to others.

I think that would make anyone pretty darn great.

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