The Weeks After Hurricane Matthew

So, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks. My last post was mere hours after our power returned in Lburg. It’s been some days, and if you can view the video below you can see the effect of Hurricane Matthew in the county I work in:

Complete devastation.

We waited a few days, collected some things around the house we could spare and with the help of a friend, dropped off some donations.

My heart-felt heavy because seriously, some of Connor’s old baby clothes (great condition but used), a new pack of diapers, a couple of packs (new) of wipes, some new packs of underwear for children male and female; was all we could afford to give to the true Hurricane victims. It wasn’t much.

I mean this is 10 minutes from where I work guys. My kids live here:

Photo Credit John M McNeill

Or, they did.

So you have to understand my inner helper wanting to do something!

But you see, we’ve been in limbo for 2 weeks my darling friends. We have not worked once since the Hurricane hit. Every two to three days the powers that be announced, “Not yet, you see…” and I know they have to say this. WE ALL want to be back at school. WE ALL want to get back into routines. WE ALL want to be in a place where we can feel some semblance of order and rightness.

People just aren’t ready for so many reasons. Our poor county… the kids… the schools were shelters! They had nowhere to go. It makes beautiful sense to use what we have to help.

Because of this, we’ve been out of work. I haven’t even been worried. Everyone outside of the situation is trying to bring some levity to the whole situation (I guess to lighten the mood…?) and have been saying things to me like:

“Well there goes your summer!” 😆

“I guess you guys won’t be out until the 4th of July!” 😋

“Better enjoy your break now, you won’t have one later!” 😉

I get we’re using levity to lighten the mood but! I guess they didn’t mean any harm I suppose… sigh…. you just awkwardly chuckle and think… “no, no let’s not… I love you so much but let’s just, no.”

I feel like the B-word just admitting that all has happened. I know they were trying to cheer me up…

I love a lot of these people. I was more worried if everyone was safe. I don’t care when we return. We’ll work as much as we need to until then it when we do.

I am thankfully still getting paid. Like, yeah obviously the state knows who we are and the state has my money but our county office was underwater. Payroll was underwater. I’ve not seen my classroom in 2 weeks.

Again, for some inexplicable reason, that wasn’t even a worry. So glad now it isn’t, but then I was like, “Okay but we need to help people at the shelters.” (Maybe it’s because I know we will make up the time, due to our contracts. Maybe that’s it, I dunno.)

So, when my friend K asked if I was up for a trip to the High School right behind our Middle School, I was like, “Yes!”

We made it to the school/ shelter and you have to understand, the river was still high, debris on the streets and I saw our little school did not make it through perfectly.

We made it though, and came in with local donations from an elementary school close to our respective homes (might as well drop it off for them, right?).

I learned that in a situation such as this, there are no bosses in charge. Just a bunch of people trying to help. So we had a little system going in the room we ended up in and we sorted. We were the hygiene room and for hours we sorted shampoos, soaps, etc. I also unpacked new underwater and rebadged for use two per person. We worked for, gosh, 4 or 5 hours.

Then, the Red Cross came and well this happened. Yeah. I can’t say I saw that while I was there, at the school I was at, but I did see a lot of upset people while the Red Cross was touring the building.

People are still without homes, without basic things, and some without hope. However, FEMA and a host of other organizations have descended upon Rob Co. and things are improving.

Which I hope they still do. For all of us.

If you feel the want to help out, the City of Lumberton has set up a donations page we’re most of the money will go to help victims in my area. If you’re interested, it’s here.

If you want to help victims of Hurricane Matthew in general, there is a link here. It is a Red Cross link however. (I’m not judging how anyone likes to donate, please only if you can!)

If not, please continue to send up

Things are better now. Even though levies broke and more flooding occurred, pumps have arrived and are making serious changes in the water level. I just hope it doesn’t rain for a while.

I’ll let you know when I am going back to school. Then, I’ll have something new for you to pray about!

Thanks for listening! Much love!


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