Hurricane Matthew Hits 

I tried to warn him. Ry was convinced the hurricane wasn’t going to hit us at all. Growing up in Erie, he probably never thought any more of Hurricanes than some abstract in his Earth Sciences textbook.

But I remembered Hurricane Fran. Power lost for weeks, staring out the window into the muggy nasty aftermath, trees centuries old uprooted, strange things impaling trees…

True that hurricane actually hit us, winds in all mid state!

But I remembered. So we argued. It had rained the week prior and the Lumber river had swollen 2 feet over its banks. Already, people had flooding from that storm, a storm sent to us via the hurricane.

He said it wouldn’t hit us, just the coast. I argued that the winds themselves would send out storms and rain aplenty, we wouldn’t need direct winds to cause damage!

But the river was already flooded.

He argued I didn’t take his knowledge seriously, I argued he didn’t take my experience seriously. He didn’t want to waste the money we had; he had been sick the past 3 weeks with walking pneumonia and bronchitis. It’s been rough. It’s been expensive. I’ve been tired.

I was too drained to argue.

But I talked him into getting some things, tinned tuna fish with crackers (“You could use them for lunches if nothing happens.”), crackers, chips, dried fruit, tinned sausages (“Connor eats these anyway.”), and juice packets. Warm boxed milk was already out at this point. All the things we bought we could use no matter what.

Then, the night before the storm was to hit Florida, I convinced him to buy 3 portable chargers at $3.99. After all, they could be useful at any point!

Friday, we go to school in a torrential downpour, completely ruined my ballet flats and I think to myself, “It’s just touching Florida today… oh my God.”

School lets out at 1PM and it’s pouring. Not really windy yet. I get home and I just watch the weather channel on my phone. Horrific images of the devastation in Hati and Florida. Nature is truly frightening.

“Lets charge  those back ups.” I say as we putter around getting ready for bed.

We have a silly morning on Saturday with CDubs, I run around washing clothes and the men enjoy Guy on Netflixs:

Weather wise we had woken up to rain and winds, it’s really wasn’t too bad. As the hours progressed the rain and wind increased. All is well until about noon when the power goes. It comes back 30 minutes later, and I think it’s a false alarm.

The power stays on until 1:15PM and I look out the front door and see that much more going on than earlier. Better hunker down and get flashlights ready for tonight. CDubs is napping and oblivious and I pull out a book. We wait.

I read.

Ry naps.

CDubs naps.

I hear crashes, snaps, and at times eerily, absolutely nothing but wind and strong rain.

Around 3, I realize we are going to lose the refrigerated food. The freezer has 2 days. That’s where the money is, and if we lose that… considering the days Ry didn’t work… disaster for the family. Seems petty considering at this point people have died, I know. But the thoughts were still there.

We invite over the missionaries around 4, because we know we are losing the food. We might as well feed somebody.

We spend the night playing with CDubs coloring by lantern light:

A restless warm night follows as we utilize our battery backups. 2 more left…

Sunday we sleep in. We have dry cereal and the last pop tart. We probably should have planned better. We peak outside and see a beautiful blue sky and leaves. Leaves everywhere. Branches too, bits of roofing and a bucket?

“Let’s investigate.” I tell my husband. So we do:

That above is a power line pole snapped off at the base surrounded by presumably live wires.

So we turned around.

We scour Facebook for news and see what has happened to the Lumber River:

(I think it’s a public video)

The city of Lumberton did not fare as well as we did, by any means. I saw our school board flooded and our arts offices as well:

(Might not be able to see this one)

Tinned tuna again for lunch.

After nap we carefully drive around and see what’s what. Lots of lines down, buildings missing roofing and siding and of course the whole town is without power…

Except Wal-Mart. What the world!

We go buy Pop Tarts.

We go on a second walk and visit some neighbors and talk. Then we go home and let CDubs watch Micky Mouse Club House on the phones. That baby loves him some Mickey Mouse.

Off to bed only to wake at 4AM hearing strange sounds. I discover we have hot water…


I run downstairs and drain out the washing machine, start the dryer and rush upstairs. I get back into bed and fail quite miserably to go back to sleep.

Ryan mumbles that we are safe, our freezer should be good enough to keep everything. Then he promptly starts snoring again, until the cats remind us Power or not it’s breakfast time!

So we took another walk this morning:

And now it’s nap time again. We are charging back our little power sticks – the power has flickered a bit. There’s also a huge threat that 6 dams are on the verge of collapsing. I sincerely hope these dams do not.

School has been canceled tomorrow and Wednesday and I can only hope my students are okay. I wish I could say they are. Roughly 6,000 of us in my county did not have power yesterday. Where I teach roughly, 24,000 don’t have power.

That’s quite a disturbing difference.

That doesn’t even mention the flooding. Who has nowhere to sleep? Some people can’t get to family members at all. Some people are trapped within hurricane made islands unable to leave.

Prayers. Prayers for so many.


  1. Holly

    I really don’t think people who live outside of coastal states really get how far inland a hurricane can cause damage. I am glad y’all are ok! Just moving 50 miles north made a difference in our impact, even though we did lose power for a few hours Saturday night (when it wasn’t even raining or windy!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Random Reads

    This made me so nervous just reading it! I’m glad you guys are safe. I’m glad that we don’t have to deal with terrible things like this. At least you had enough to make it through. If you had reluctantly agreed with Ry, you’d be doomed!!

    Liked by 1 person

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