So extremely beat, it’s not even funny.

First day with tiny people at the school. I had duty and I had other duties and then I had chair placements and mopping and sorting and spider killing…

I walked a lot:

CDubs didn’t want to get dressed today:

Though this is as cute a picture as can be!

I tried my new knock off artis brushes- oval brushes:

I felt like a pretty princess:

And my new glasses (above) are cute Raybans. I’m getting used to the prescription.

The brushes are awesome except cleaning them is like… Days of drying. I think using the biggest and alternating with the second biggest is the only way to make it through, or else you could only use these things twice a week.

Which would be a bummer.

This looks promising as a brush cleanser but I don’t know:

Not only is it cute and useful, it’s affordable. Wound it work on ovals? I dunno, I asked though.

Today was awesome PS. Positive interactions with all people. Surprisingly so. Happily so. I can do this so.

Prayer is awesome, and I have a holiday weekend to relax and reboot.

Kinda babbling but I’m so tired. It’s 9:36PM. I waiting for laundry.

Pictures tomorrow. Promise. Classroom, yay! I owe you more info. Will deliver.

Much love, be safe, good night!



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