Today Was the Best

I got a lot of work done and K interacted with multiple people who just kept me from making any waves what so ever. I mean, I’m going to make waves, I’m doing different stuff than they are used to. But it’s good not to make waves with everyone (adults) else.

I have a lot of crap. Like a lot. My room is not done and students arrive Monday (It’s Friday night at the moment). However, thankfully, I have time to plan things for instrument introduction day and I have time to quickly finish up my room. I get 3 more days to try very hard while everyone who teaches non-Resource classes works on school initiatives with all students.

Today the sign in computer was working  so I was able to type my name in to sign in. A mercy for sure.

My bad day circulated around a bit. I’m hoping no one treats me differently due to what they may or may not have heard.

Don’t really have time to worry about it. Acknowledge it’s out there and may play a factor, sure. Lose sleep? No.

Praying and focusing on that positive idea has greatly helped me calm down at work. While I didn’t need to pray 4 plus times today, it was nice to know I could.

So, I think if I am largely left alone, I will prosper. If I teach as I do, which would mean that I would not need to be observed more than normal, I should be fine.

As to visitations, they happen. I cannot help that.

I also cannot help how this person may or may not feel about me. I must interact with them during the year I am sure, so I have to realize I need to keep myself focused on professionalism.

All I can do is try. Maybe, that will be enough!

Today it seemed to be. Is it too hopeful to pray I can be completely forgotten about? No? Didn’t think so. Oh well, just have to become the awesome awkward seal:


(Thanks for all the support this week, it’s been a ride I tell you!)

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