New Teacher on the Block

Well, today was day one of my 7 day back to school workdays.

I now start my day carpooling with my friend K, she and I are not only teaching together we live close by one another. She has a car and drives, luckily she’s wonderful and willing to drive me to work each day.

This morning I learned she knows things about Rugby and her College had a team.



Yup. I would be Robin in this instance.

We pull up and go to the front office to sign in. We are greeted and receive a school shirt. It’s pretty nice, truth be told, black and red!

I see, much to my dismay, “Kathy” down as my first name. Pretty sure that’s there to save space.


Except my creepy child molesting neighbor called me Kathy. I mean he used to write it in places to make his presence known. It’s been years and then bam!

Right on the sign in sheet.
So. Me being awkward, and worked up a bit, I ask the principal not to call me that. Now in hindsight, I shouldn’t have even said a thing to her though, she probably never touched the sign in sheet: that’s a secretary person’s job. So. Again I am awkward and instead of being labeled as “picky” I guess I chose nuts and told her why too.


(know your meme)

That about sums up the situation right there….

Probably not endearing myself to her or the office staff, but darn that was a shock this morning.


But on I go!

We board the activity bus and off we go!

We head to the Back-to-School celebration where there was free food, vendors with booths, speakers, you know the whole nine.

We realize 2,000 people breathing makes a building, even a horse pavilion, pretty hot.

But we make it through in good cheer! It’s raining (hurray!) and we dash to our busses dodging drops and puddles on the way.

At school, we get a lot of important packets: last year’s test scores, new policies, and I once again realize I’m new.

There are computer errors, confusion, and all sorts of things.

It was thought I was a new hire; new teacher to teaching, or to the county, one of those. Except I’ve taught 5 years here. How were they to know though? It’s not their fault. I bet once again, my round moon-faced politeness has labeled me younger than I am. Or that I just don’t know how things are.


Then well, I discovered I have a lot of work ahead of me.

I was pretty comfy, in my old school. Classroom set up wasn’t a big deal, I had organized things before summer break. I had things a certain way…

But here we are taking an established classroom, and mixing it with another established classroom, and then moving it to another building. Then, we are moving all sorts of things around.

Then, you have to decorate.

Clean instruments.

And now together, decide on grading criteria, Sylubi, new policies, approving paperwork….

Oh yeah. I’m new!

It’s not all topsy-turvy! My principal informed me I am getting (with others of course) actual classroom material supply money. I’m not talking instrument money (yay instruments!) or new music money but money for markers, white out, pens, post-it notes! Usually…. That does not happen.

My new principal is empathetic to Resource teachers! Yay!

She wants us to thrive and succeed!

Now if I can just stop my awkwardness….



      1. dragonflylady77

        They call our Gabrielle “Gay-brielle” instead of “Gah-brielle” and it seems to annoy me more than it does her (thought she DOES mention it when they say her name wrong, but she doesn’t want to hurt people’s feelings. Umm, they’re saying your name wrong and hurting YOUR feelings…)

        Liked by 1 person

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