Ahoy, Mateys!

Hi there! I hope everyone is doing well! I am excited this week! The countdown is on my friends, 2 days!

So, my ID has to be renewed one because it’s 10 years old and two I don’t live with my parents anymore…. *cough*

Yes, it still says I live with my parents…

Look at 2006 Katherine:

Aww… She has no idea. Poor thing.

Anyway, not even legal on that ID, so it’s time for a new one.

I got all glammed up for my photo today only to be sent away…

Which is okay, I’ll try again tomorrow. I had lunch with my fellow RSMS Band teacher and her friend and an acquaintance of mine,K. K is super cool, so it was nice to chat with her too.

Tomorrow though! Tomorrow I say “Ahoy, Mateys!” Because I’m getting my eyes checked. I know I need a new prescription. I will be able to see everyone so clearly soon! I’ve done so many glasses over the years… I’ve worn these for 2 years:
And these were my funky ones before that:

And then these:

By far, my favorite are my current pair. I can see much better all around and I love that the Glasses of today have lighter materials because these puppies gave me headaches:

Oh yeah, I was so cool when I was 12.

I didn’t wear glasses full-time until 6th grade.

Oh look at little Katherine…

Okay, too far and off topic.

Anyway! Glasses are exciting to me. I hope I can find a pair I like at this new clinic because we’ve had to reschedule the appointment 3 times already!

Tomorrow is my day! Tomorrow!

Then, the DMV probably.

Wednesday… Maybe we won’t speak on Wednesday. I foresee laundry all day Wednesday. All I’m saying is Ry said he would wash clothes 2 weeks ago.

That’s all.😇

Thanks for enduring the history of glasses tonight, and here’s hoping for an insightful tomorrow? Lol

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