It’s Time.

I love myself. I am a plus sized woman. I am tall, I have curves to the excess, and I love to eat.

Savory Food is my joy and my downfall.

So as stood in disbelief, looking at the scale that told me I had finally gone too far…

I made a decision. Not one of those, “I guess I’ll cut back,” I’d murmur to myself as I plowed through my second helping of Mac and Cheese, “tomorrow.”

I made it official, I put time into it, I pledged to it, I’ve linked my blog to it. My blog here, is extremely important to me. So this shows me, I am making a commitment.

I give you, Weightless, Wonderful, Woman: Choosing the good, for Me.

Succulents are so cute- and so apt considering how I feel about food. I’m taking a step forward for me, and for CDubs, to be healthy. If I thin out, which I should a little, hurray. The overall goal is to safely lose weight, gain health, and keep body positive.

I will be posting inspirational reblogs that make me want to get up and move, recipes I feel I can tackle, how I am doing on this journey, doubts, fears, changes, portion sizes, pictures of my food and accounting of my calories. I will post pictures that include my torso and behind, I will get sweaty, hungry, and probably a bit bitchy (just a warning). I will become elated, strong, and continue to grow my confidence and love of myself.

Everything is a work in progress, the about page, the front page the whole nine. I need to find a rhythm on WWW like I have on here.

If you choose to follow, like, comment, and send supporting thoughts my way; bless you! I appreciate it to my soul.

This is going to be rough. So rough, I picked out a theme song for this year to keep me focused:

(CDubs loved Zootopia btw)

However, watching a rounded pale woman take pictures of food and count calories might not be your thing. That’s okay. I still love you for being apart of Afternoon of Sundries. You won’t be getting daily updates here, but I might share some triumphs, if that’s alright with you.

Here’s to change my friends, Salutè!🍷 (sparkling grape juice, honest)


For more Sundries, follow me on Instagram @ afternoonofsundries on Twitter @ SundriesofLife or on Pinterest @ SundriesofLife 


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