I Am a Lost Boy

If you haven’t already seen/ heard this song/ video by Ruth B please do for context sake:

If you have, let’s go!

I am pretty darn sure I was a lost boy as a child. In a house of 5 people and 2 to 4 cats it was incredibly lonely. We did not know how to interact in a functional way.

Books were, besides basic free channels, the only escape from the hoarding, verbal and physical abuse and bullying at school (and in my case sexual abuse on top of that).

I really could fly away with numerous characters and go far away. I could revisit anytime I wanted and travel. I could get four or five books a year, and I had access to the library.

Oh my goodness the library.

When we could read well, my mom took us to the library and there were so many books. We could check out so many, and get more. We would stay so long I could read a chapter book or two (hours, at least 5) and grab maybe a movie. I would go home and devour my books eagerly. Then the book would end, and I would be left with a sadness. Luckily, I could read my books again or another library book.

It’s rather sad libraries aren’t what they used to be.

Anyway, watching/ listening to this song makes me think of all my escapes into literature. How lucky I was to be able to read so much.

I wish I had the ability to write like that. I fear it’s much like my singing, I’m good enough/ intelligent enough to recognize the reality. Such is life. Good thing I’m a killer teacher 😉
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  1. dragonflylady77

    I haven’t read a book in ages, haven’t been in the mood but on Friday I went to the library to get a book for Emma (and renew the one she hadn’t quite finished) and I got some books out. I plan to read them but I don’t know if it will happen. My brain is full of school stuff and writing…

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