Favorite Blogger of The Week: Raphaela Angelou

Once a week, I try to put a spotlight on people I genuinely enjoy interacting with, and enjoy reading content from their blog(s).

This week on Afternoon of Sundries I want to get back into the swing of things by featuring an absolute gem of a woman and blogger, Raphaela Angelou and her blog Hummingburd Redemption.

Raphaela is light in a human body. She has strength and grace I could only hope and pray that I could show to others. She has gone through so much, and come out of it such a beautiful soul- she is amazing. 

She writes about her life on her blog, sharing her incandescence with us through pictures, quotes, and her beautiful gift, her daughter. She doles out a dose of happy strength and I happily look for posts from her every time I am on WordPress.

She has been, though a person I’ve never met, a great influence to me and my writing. Just popping by and saying hi, giving me an opinion, or just stating simply words of encouragement and understanding, she’s made an impact. Knowing she understands, even a little, and the fact she’s willing to… It’s just, plain wonderful.*

Truly, a wonderful soul. Please take the time to check out Hummingbird Redemption and spend some time with Madam Angelou- you won’t regret it!


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It might be hard, I dearly hope, for you readers to understand why having a female figure such as she, to be who she is and what she means to me (what she represents), in being a strong, independent, caring, accepting, growth oriented woman who has triumphed in the face of everything. She has struggles all her own and I know she’s not perfect but she doesn’t fold. She won’t give in. This and she’s truly raising her daughter beautifully, it’s a joy to see. It is, its own hope for me to show me what could be. Which is wonderful. Sorry, that maybe convoluted if you don’t understand where I am coming from. I apologize, but I wanted to say it.


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