If We Were Having Drinks… Summer’s End

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It’s been far to long my friends! I have so much to catch up on, the blogverse is vast and I’ve subscribed to so many awesome blogs! While I hope everyone is doing well, I feel the need to catch people up on me, as I catch up on them! A lot of you kind, wonderful folks, have invested time into my family’s wellbeing and I appreciate it! So here’s a huge recap on all that’s been going on, the job, moving, going north, coming home and more.

So without further adieu… If we were having drinks…

If we were having drinks, I would be drinking lemonade. Yup, still doing my best to avoid tea. I would offer you a pack of gum too, my latest acquisition has, “green tea extract,” which isn’t cool for Mormons to injest. Tea, it’s everywhere.

No. Nooooo!

I would tell you that I looked in W-City for a house. Three hour drives up, three hour drives back, CDubs in daycare, CDubs traveling with us, hotel rooms, lunches out, dinners, tanks and tanks of gas… and we found nothing. Nobody wanted cats, nobody wanted to move in in August, pet fees if they allowed pets were outrageous ($1200 non refundable). I called, I went, I scoured websites. I took calls from shady people asking for credit card information and my social security number over the phone (yeah right, nice try).

We couldn’t find a thing in our price range, even when we raised the range. So, Ry and I talked, and talked. It wasn’t fair to the (school) kids. I can’t hold onto this job to the bitter end, then quit bare days before the year begins. That’s selfish. That’s disrespectful to them. It’s wrong. They deserve someone there 100% ready and able, not a “maybe we can move,” teacher.

I sighed, looked out over the estuary, and resigned my position.

24 hours later, I received a call from JSM’s principal. She offered Ry a job across the street, at the middle school. He interviewed there for a music job. He was their second choice over a choir director. He could have the band job.

“Please reconsider.”


I couldn’t. There was no where to live still.

“If I find a place for you, would you be willing to come?”

Man. I’ve done that. Last minute moving. Worrying about a place, hoping and praying. Being disappointed.

I just had to be honest:

“We’ve both got to get ready for the year. You’ve got to find someone and I’ve got to prepare for the year. You’ve got to get someone in that school for my would be kids, so they have a teacher first thing. You can’t bank on me. Yes, if you find a place soon, please let me know. But we both have to get ready! I loved your little town, truly. Thank you for the opportunity.”

I did. I fell in love with that tiny town, the boats, the water. I loved the houses and the parks. I thought the school was beautiful. But.


I cannot live out of a hotel until I find something. I have a son. It’s different now, you know? There’s trusting in God, and then there’s listening to God.

He renewed my confidence. I got two more job interviews immidately afterwards (which I declined because of recent out of state events). My husband said shockingly, “Maybe I should trust God more.”

Shockingly people want my skills. Shockingly I can get another job, elsewhere.

No only that, if I trust things will work out, they will. It won’t be hard and I won’t have to force it to work.

I still have work here.

Sadly, 24 hours later we discovered Ry’s grandfather was being put in hospice and 24 hours after that, he passed away.

We had hoped, when we heard, we’d make it in time.

So we continued to pack, made sure the cats were boarded, car rented, and hotel booked. Up we went.

I did my best to distract. Luckily, Pokemon Go was tempting and distracting for Ry. He drove I caught, I played with CDubs, talked about everything and anything.

We made it up in time for the Wake/ Sitting Up. It was hard for Ry. I could tell. CDubs was a little confused at points but mostly played and provided loving distractions to the family.

CDubs discovered a love of rocks, and a renewed love of horses.


Before we left, we attended the funeral.

It was good to be able to go up. To visit, to be there around the family and be there.

On the trip home, we realized if we moved after all, we would have never been able to afford to go up, even with help. We would have had to move and scrounge for what we needed in the months ahead. That was a sobering thought.

We made it home, and happened to pull up just as the Elders did. They got out and came up to us, asking about our trip and helping us with our bags. I found a Johova witness filer and laughed, showing the Elders that they had people evading their turf. (The Elders live 4 houses down)

We got in and collapsed. Extremely tired, I wasn’t even recovered enough for church that Sunday. I either caught a cold or I am allergic to one of the cleaners I was trying. I actually went to a LDS church up North and it was similar with lessons etc, but it was huge! So many people! So I didn’t feel too bad about missing that week.

Ry got a call about a job interview off and away (didn’t even apply for it) and happily reported the news- he knows he can’t, but somebody called him! He was pleased.

A big complaint of mine has been that Ry makes no choices or decisions. He leaves them to me and grumbles. I’ve basically harped on it for freaking ever, and tried listening and figuring out what he would want; and driving myself nuts. Once the insanity enveloped me, he decided to do something about it. I tell you.

He’s actually making more decisions! I still make choices, I’m not some submissive patsy, but it’s not all:

“What do you want for dinner?” I would ask.

He would shrug. The complain about my choice and site making me happy was more important… Yet, again, while complaining about it.

This is better, he is trying I can hear him trying and see it.

I’ve started work on my school website changing it from TMS colors (Green and Gold) to RSM colors (Black and Red). I’ve opened band Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram pages. It’s a challenge because I’m designing/posting for two people now. So I have to collobrate on all levels- site design and wording; the whole nine. It’s good though.

CDubs is learning defiance, how to throw fits, and effective ways to manipulate adults. Like screaming and crying “Ow!” When he wants to be let down to run throughout the store. Yes, I get such dirty accusatory looks from shocked individuals. I’m afraid one day someone will assume I’m kidnapping him… Jesus.

Gotta try to nip that in the bud.

Making changes everyday around the house, not 28-bags-of-stuff-for-charity changes, but moving-things-and-organizing-things-to-go-into-the-attic type changes.

Family wise… My MIL and FIL are moving close by. This is a huge change. I hope this will give Ry the familial support he craves. I hope it teaches me how to be apart of a normal family.


CDubs is going to be so spoiled.

So, Ry is teaching music now at his HS. He is going to do his job well. He already knows, they want him out. He already understands he needs to find another position. He’s been trying hard on that aspect. He’s also branching out. This is a positive step forward I think. No longer a need to feel trapped.

I will be starting in a new classroom, new school, in less than two weeks! Oh the changes! So many more students, teachers and staff to get to know. I’m anxious to prove myself but also anxious with anxiety dreams. Classroom centered losing control of kids dreams. Totally crazy.

I’m going to do my best to focus more at home, not just school. We live here like its temporary. Our house isn’t a home. So we will work on that this year; even if we do move the next.

Until then… Potty training is seriously months away. Like how do you teach another human being to pee? My cats were just shown a box with pellets and put two and two together- babies are smarter and yet….

I feel like it’s going to more difficult.

A lot more.

I hope to eventually get to all the posts I’ve missed, but if there’s a post you’d love to share on my blog for myself or others to check out- or love for me to read first- feel free to leave a link in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “If We Were Having Drinks… Summer’s End

  1. *waves* I vaguely remember potty training, but my two kids are like merging together as a single memory. Have a potty handy and remind them often. Like REALLY often. Before you leave the house, when you get somewhere, before you leave that place, when you get home…

    With Miss12, she was out of daytime nappies around 2y9m and then still in night nappies until she was 3 1/2. I remember when I stopped night nappies (they were always wet but then I was told sometimes if they wear a nappy overnight, they’ll wee in it) I used to go in her room before I went to bed and put her on the potty (I didn’t get her up, I kept the potty on a piece of lino in her room and I’d pick her up from her bed, pull her pants down and sit her on the potty mostly asleep), and she’d pee and I’d go to bed. The day I went home after I had Aidan, my husband and my mum had gone to bed and I remember about the child and the potty and OMG after 2 days of carrying a newborn baby, she felt like she weighed 3 tonnes and I really struggled to put her back into bed afterwards!!

    Hard decision on the job front, good on you for deciding against moving when you couldn’t find somewhere to live. *hugs*

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