Favorite Blogger of the Week: Random Reads!

This week’s Blogger of the Week is the ever wonderful Readers and More from Random Reads!

Not only does this young person read a tremendous amount of books (I really need to work on that),  they read them and review them for you!  What is said is intelligent, thoughtful and truly gives you a great idea of what the book was about (and nothing was really given away!). It doesn’t stop there!

Traveling Thursday had become a favorite installment. Even though this is not an original idea, it is a well researched and presented one! Taking a theme, you choose a book and find all the covers for it from other countries. Fun yes?

On a personal note, Readers and More is a team player. They are encouraging to other bloggers and are very engaging 🙂 a real community member!

They do so much more, on their blog and in our WordPress community, so please go and check out Random Reads! 

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