Favorite Blogger of the Week: Dragonflylady77

Once a week, I try to put a spotlight on people I genuinely enjoy interacting with, and enjoy reading content from their blog(s).

This week, I would like to highlight the work of Dragonflylady77’s Writey Ramblings.

 I happen to enjoy bantering with Madam Dragonfly on Twitter. We talk about almost anything- and we’ve never met. I met her through her blog on WordPress. I cannot remember how I came across her blog- I am just very glad I did!

She is a gifted writer and a wonderful person. I should warn you that she is a writer of fiction, of smut*. (18+, NC-17, Rated R, my young readers!) Even if smut is not your thing, her story lines are relatable. Her characters have real wants and needs, and they tackle real problems.

She is also a gifted baker, cake decorator, mother, crochet master, partner, friend, and confidant. (And lover of Rugby- oh yes, indeed!)

If you are looking for a little sizzle and a little spice to heat up your lunch hour, check out Dragonflylady77’s Writey Ramblings.

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*I discovered Madam Dragonfly pre LDS conversion. I understand the church’s view on what would be deemed pornography. While I do not owe anyone an explanation of my personal choices (Those are between myself and Heavenly Father), there are ways to enjoy romances without breaking vows I have made. I also do not think of her work and anyone else’s romantic creations I admire as such (pornography). I’m a big girl, I think I can decide for myself how to handle things while still enjoying the creative works of my friends. So kindly, keep the opinions you may have of my reading selections between you and yours.


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