I have been adding tags to my posts for the past 3 days. When I started my blog, I really didn’t understand what tags were really. I figured Google found key words in my writing and that was enough. So, I had posts with 1 tag or no tags. 

I booted up my ancient MacBook and went through post by post adding tags. I reaffirmed I cannot spell/ typos are my second favorite thing. 

My next summer clean out of the blog should be picture resizing. I also did not understand that either.

It’s just tedious. Important but tedious.

On a personal note, super Tired because I am stressed. Why? Choices that have to be made. Either way we decide, we dissapoint people. Either way we lose on some fashion and either way someone gets upset (weepy upset or angry upset).

Choices, choices!

Tags are so much simpler.


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