Favorite Blogger of the Week: Steve

Okay, I LOVE technology. I do. I love blogging from my phone and that it’s a computer in my hand- all that. But technology constantly aggravates me because I feel it should behave as it always has, and it doesn’t. 

Updates are important, I get that. However, I get aggravated when I want to share something and my phone is unable to, my laptop is 10+ years old and frankly is slow. I guess I prove the minnenal stereotype there- I want to do things now! My way! 

So when Steve, of Talk About Pop Music and Steve Says asked me to put out the call, and I couldn’t, out of frustration, this was born!

So thank you Steve!

I am not by any means a blogger of vast readership, but I know what I like. I know what I don’t. I love helping out and sharing anyway.

So once a week, I will share a blog I enjoy reading with you. I will tell you why, and encourage you to go visit.

There is no coercion involved (Though I rather love hearing Steve speak) and I will give you my honest opinion.

If you like them, please follow!

Without further ado, Steve!

Steve is funny, he says things about life and music that makes me chuckle. Don’t misunderstand me, he knows what he’s talking about. I may not be a seasoned music educator with my paltry 5 years but Steve is a true musicophile. (With excellent taste)

Besides enjoying the personal bits about him and his partner and handsome cats; I enjoy the music he suggests. In the USA we like to say we are the Melting Pot but we don’t really venture out of our little baby nation bubble. I hear songs I would have never googled or pressed play on, because of Steve.

He’s affable and I enjoy immensely when he has his radio show. He not only takes requests, but selflessly advertises the bloggers blogs along with playing that song they requested. He doesn’t have to, but he does. He just makes his listeners feel included and apart of the bloggerverse, no matter where they are. (And he doesn’t judge on your song choice)

So if you want to broaden your musical horizons, discover a point of view that’s fresh and fun, check out Steve Says or Talk About Pop Music!

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