If We Were Having Drinks… I’m Not Sure I Could Afford It!

This concept #weekendcoffeshare was developed by the awesome imagination of Parttimemonster.

I think I would either have a tall glass of iced water or those flavored Dasani Waters, instead of tea. You could have whatever pleased you, but I would have a stack of Bear Claws to offer for nibbling. That’s if, I had the funds. I’ll get to that later though. We would talk about:

Things are going well, I’m in the book of Alma right now (In the Book of Mormon), chapter 7. I’m working on a challenge, chapter 30 and 31 are out study for next week. Can I make it? Maybe!

I haven’t had much to write in my faith journal- the first part of Alma establishes things and it’s not confusing in the least. I am exited for my challenge. Why?

Because the Book of Mormon has a naked jail break.

Yup. More details later. Once I know myself.

This one is more complex. I have a large an varied family. There are blood relatives and chosen relatives. Someone I care about is going through some medical issues, and I love them and I am so sorry. They have begun an action type plan to get better and I pray it works.

CDubs has had 2 surgeries and 1 Emergency Room visit. We owe over $4,000 to the hospital after insurance. Because the hospital isn’t public, but also isn’t private- the rules for charity care are different. I have to, due to situations, pay $140 a month and $72 a month, separately.

Then the State wants its taxes, another $74 a month. I need to call the IRS Monday, seems to me, they probably want their money too. No letter yet. Seems like a problem.

(See why I don’t have cash for drinks and Bear Claws now?)

Other than that, my families seem great. One side is thinking of making a huge change- power to them; and one is gearing up for retirement.

I was able to speak in depth with my father a day or more ago. This wasn’t an impatient, “I’ve got stuff to do, Glad you’re well, bye,” conversation. Usually I get those. I think as he gets older, he wants to impart more to me. To make sure I’m knowledgeable and make good decisions.

He gave me A LOT of advice, which I understand I do not have to follow, that was appreciated.

I’m glad he wants to share his experience and good sense with me.

This would probably be the thing anyone would be most anxious to hear an update about. This is THE exciting part right now.

If you recall, Things are kind of up in the air. I wish I had more definitive answers for you. As I said the other day, people have their own agendas. I hope I am approved by the board, but I don’t know if I have been.

RSM, my transfer school if I were to stay in L-Town, put in with helpful folks, the paperwork for my transfer. It was approved. No matter what happens now, I won’t be at TMS next year.

This is a blessing considering 8 people have left. Blessings to the new person, may they have more luck than I had!

If we moved, we would need double rent for new place, pet fee X2, UHaul $, (activation fee for electricity possibly) and help.

In the event, I’ve asked my sister for help. I’ve also be assured the LDS church would help too, which is also lovely.

Ry doesn’t have a job so far, if we move. So, since his old job has made their feelings quite clear, he is one, planning for his music classes. The kids are not the reason he’s been moved. He is still going to offer the best education he can provide, reguardless. However, two, he is looking for a at home job. So far, lots of revising, lots of emaling, lots of online application forms.

If we stay or go, a working from home job is an excellent alternative. I am happy with his searches so far.

We maybe attending a church get together Thursday, and Wednesday I am lucky enough to be visiting a friend in L-City. She is teaching me how to create jewlery! So exciting!

I plan to continue work in my mandala coloring book:

I also plan to visit my Gma soon and if we can afford it, the aquarium. CDubs is wild about fish, thanks to the Octonauts. Kwazii the cat is his favorite Naut.

If we were having beverages I think we’d be done with me. I would ask about you, cause I do want to know how you are doing?! Then, I would promise, as always to keep you posted! Possible interestingness ahead!

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  1. dragonflylady77

    I'm eating marshmallow fluff with a spoon right now, that's how my Monday is going…
    The girls are "tidying" the front room (play room) so there's tears already. Fun.
    I had to rescue runaway bunnies this morning (ours) before 7am and the day hasn't improved…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Random Reads

    I’d be drinking a root beer. Sounds like you’ve sure been busy! Good luck to you and Ry with your job journeys 🙂 Thanks for keeping us updated! I hope you can get some more money soon so you can have all the Bear Claws you want 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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