Update: Back Again!

So yesterday we went to interview/ view the schools.

For me I loved the school. There are many teachers at the school, and they are only teaching 4th and 5th grades. They are divided into 2 teacher teams. There is an Art teacher, a PE teacher, Music (me) teacher, and the school councilor teaches the students once a week and they receive library time once a week.

I am not sure if I see kids once a week or, certain classes per nine weeks, or A days and B days. Elementary school is different!

My room is smaller than my band room, and there seem to be fun instruments for the kids to use! I like that there are instruments and they are in bins labeled and there are enough, it looks like!

The rug is torn up though. Kiddy fingers have unpeeled the rug threads and it’s not nice looking at all. I stopped this at my school, I can stop it here.

They have a cafagymatorium- cafeteria/ gym/ stage room- and playground equipment for recess! I didn’t know anyone did recess anymore! (I thought it was Tests, Tests, Tests!)

It’s not all perfect of course, but it’s different. Thank goodness.

For Ry he had a great interview. Said all the right things, they liked him. However, it really is a choir job.

The community is very involved over there, and it’s stressful. They have demands and no follow through. They have specific wants and have driven away teachers in the past.

So while he felt good about the interview… He wasn’t really enthused when he thought about his future position (if he got it).

Within hours of my tour, the principal called my references and I hear back from 2 of them. They were wonderful to be my references in the first place.

Now, I await the school board decision. They may not approve my hire, you never know. There’s no reason not too, but people have their own agendas.

Ry received a call around 3:20pm saying he did not get the job.

He was relieved actually. Now we try to find him other options. Janitor? Customer service representative? Lowes? He will be looking very diligently.

Yes, we could stay here. But we wouldn’t be happy. With his demotion at work, he says 1 thing goes bad next year he would snap and quit. So I’d rather he be jobless somewhere were there are more than 5 stores. I mean honestly.

What would be perfect is if he could watch CDubs by day, and when I come home, work at home 2nd shift or 2nd shift somewhere!

Any ideas? Being a trucker is out, I can’t drive myself to work.

We’ll decide what to do. He’ll find work.

Prayers and Good Juju our way please! (And we have to afford moving too!)


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