Back Again! (Back to Wboro)

Today Ry and I are traveling to Wboro (which is 3 hours away) for an interview/ tour of the school facilities. If you recall, Wboro looks like this:

The last thing you see in the video is the school I will be touring today. My husband will be interviewing at the Middle School across the parking lot.

I have mixed feelings about this. Part of me should take the job he’s interviewing for, it’s a Music Teaching position with a concentration in choir. I should probably be doing that. Not him.

However, if they had someone else in mind who’s a real Chorus Teacher, I’d loose. I can sing nicely, in languages, and I know basic piano things but a Chours Teacher.

They take classes on pronunciation (Diction) where they learn to say any foreign words using the beautiful symbols and pronunciation guides:

I know some of this due to experience. I cannot say everything. They can.

There’s also a knowledge of piano that I lack. I can and do play piano but there are 10 year olds that make me look like CDubs at his rainbow midget piano:

Electric piano choice aside, I can’t do that.

Now I know I got the job at JSE. Is that selfish? Tossing Ry at the maybe job? Then again, he maybe won’t get the job I already received an offer for.

It’s complicated.

He’s more than capable, he plays the piano better than I, though his singing voice is… Limited. He has an amazing command of content knowledge and he’s a great musician. Kids love him too.

I’m hoping that the Show Choir is after school so that I can come over and teach it with him.

That would be cool.

We’ll see. Keep you posted!  Prayers and good Juju our way please!


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