Down By The Riverside

I called back the principal of the school in Wboro today. She happily agreed to meet me Monday at 11 (but at her school) to see her school. She even asked the other principal if she could give my interview time at the middle school to my husband so he can interview instead!

Which is amazing.

I told her, we wanted to look around the town so we would be coming up this weekend. She thought that was a great idea.

So we went out to get road trip supplies:

As you can see, CDubs thinks Skittles and balls of various sizes are all we need to have a successful trip.

Ry booked us a room at a moderately priced hotel and we are driving up/ over in the morning- like we would be getting up for school.

Check in is after 2, so we will be walking around a bit seeing the sites, getting a feel for the area.

We didn’t do this last time, I want to see how we’re treated. I also want to see what it’s like, what sort of opportunities there may be.

I hope that we’ll like the town. I pray that they don’t like anyone more than Ry by the end of the day Monday. He’s a good candidate but it’s music and voice.

I sing, it’s true. In all music classes you sing at least a little. We are hoping to discover that the show choir they’ve developed is an after school activity that I can come over and help with. If not, he’d be like a chorus teacher…. But a music teacher?

We will have to see. I think either way, he can do it. I believe in him.

How amazing would it be to work across the street?

If we can find a place to live that is, finding a place that’s okay with pets is going to be difficult. I think it’s doable though.

That is… If we even like the town. They say it’s a great place to raise kids….

Oh, here’s hoping!


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