Which Way?

I am telling you, I don’t know what to do.

So, I interviewed today. This was the phone interview to a school not on the coast but near an estuary, still in North Carolina.

I, as always, did my research. This school is different, an elementary school with only 4th and 5th grades-560 kids! Title 1 status and across the street from a middle school.

The town is small but bigger than L-Town, and much closer to a larger college town than L-Town is to P-ton. Lots of music, artsy stuff, an aquarium, small businesses and tourism.

So not dead if they are trying to sell great pirate escapes.

Also, extremely old and historical is this town. Lots of history.

So armed with a broad sense of what Wbrook is like, I took a phone interview.

I was asked questions by the pannel- a Math, Prinicpal, Art, and VP – and I felt like….

They liked me. I babble when I’m nervous so I tried to curb that. I had a sense, when I hung up the phone,?that I got the job.

I’m uncanny like that. I told my husband my thoughts and went to fold baby clothes.

I was though shocked when, 3 hours later, the principal called me back. More shocked when she did not invite me to meet in person, but instead offered me the job on the spot.

“Uhhhhh, I can’t make a decision without speaking to my husband first.” I said.

She agreed that was fair and I promised to call back later/ tomorrow. While school is not in session, Fridays are not days that administration works. So. So. I will call her on her cell phone.

I called everyone who felt was smarter than me and in the country. We spoke of pros and cons and plans. I looked at houses and apartments and pet deposits.

I decided that I will call the principal tomorrow as planned, and ask a favor.

I am interviewing Monday at the middle school across the street. I’d rather take the elementary job over the middle music/chorus job. Due to that, I am hoping I can instead, take a risk and decline interviewing for the other job (which she is also apart of). Instead meet everyone, my feeder school, my school and get a feel of the place. Then, there, give them an answer.

WBrook is 200 miles away. 3 hours by car. Never been. I need to see it. Feel it. If I had checked out L-Town really before I said yes 5 years ago… I don’t think I’d have taken the job.

Fool me once.

I also realized that:

Not nearly enough.

Sorry my dear wonderful people. I’ll try to not be so paranoid and avoidingly ridiculous in the future. I formally acknowledge that I take myself far to seriously. Please forgive me.

10AM is like, a normal time to bother a mother of 3 on her day off right? (Principal)




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