Interviews and Avenues

Today was a pretty big day, I had my docket full, a 4 hour trip with an interview in the middle.

It didn’t stay so simple, however.

The interview itself went well, the school is HUGE. It’s two school buildings combined by a middle section. There are two principals, two vice principals, and two sets of full staff only, one school is Elementary and one is Middle.

I sat down to a meeting of the current director, the high school director, another “Specials” teacher, and the principal.

Many questions were asked, I asked more questions, and we ended quite pleasantly. I felt good about it, but I don’t feel like they are going to make me an offer.

This is fine for the summer is still young. I have a phone interview tomorrow, and another interview Monday.

I received the news that in the meantime my transfer to another school should be approved. While it won’t be aim  full band only position, I will be doing both Band and Music. I like music too so, I don’t think that’ll be a problem.

I will be contacting that principal and making arrangements because after all, this is my job now.

What matters for now, I am in a period of change, and it’s good. Its good for all of us.


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