An Ocean of Possibilites!

Well this past week has been interesting! I had to do what every teacher in my county does- clean out my classroom.

We are given a week or so to take everything off the walls (fire hazard), pack up all of our supplies, empty all furniture, wipe down things and put everything into the hallways. Then, the janitors come in, strip the floor, clean etc and re-wax for the next year.

During this, we have things to turn in, technology to log and in my case, instruments to clean.

Well as you know, things haven’t been going well at school for me. I’ve had these feelings, an urge that compelled me to start updating my resume, changing my email and voicemail and looking up positions online.

Well I received my first call for an interview last week, for tomorrow, and yesterday I received another call for a phone interview Thursday, and today I received another call for an interview Monday!

Wow! (All of these jobs are right in the coast too!)

Also, there is talk that I may be joining another band director at her large school to teach a second set of band classes. If nothing pans out this summer. My name is being put in by her principal, my principal isn’t going to block me, and neither are any other immidately higher ups. The school board well, that’s something I cannot pretend to guess at but, I think everyone else is favorable.

So in a nutshell, things are changing. I’m actually going out and changing 🙂 maybe moving, maybe not, but at the very least I am trying!



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