Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged

The Bible (Matthew 7:1-2) and the Book of Mormon (Mosiah 29:12) have a point.

Where do we get off thinking we have any right to judge anyone?


I am guilty of this. I see a homeless person and I assume if I give them cash, they’ll buy liquor. I see a skinny, well dressed woman who is confident and I decide she’s stuck up. My kids have $100 kicks but don’t have paper and pencils, well I judge.

I judge.

Sometimes it’s almost as if I cannot help it. Unbidden, the though creeps in and I think, “Man, I suck.”

Jesus hung out with all the outcasts. I’d like to think today, he’d have even more strange and wonderful company. He didn’t judge them. He didn’t condemn them or tell them the 6 different ways they were going to Hell.

He just loved them.

In turn, he was judged by people, people who should have known better, who knew of God and what’s right; he was judged by them.

That judgement among other things, lead to his death.

So maybe, my thoughts, as unkind and ugly as they are, will not send someone to their doom.

But what if we left the judging* to a higher power? What if we were more Christ like ,and just left the judgement to the Almighty and tried having his perfect unconditional love?

It’s asking a lot, I know. Trust me. There are some folks that I could be the judge, jury, and executor (well maybe not executor!) for.

But you have to think. God in his perfection knows all. Hence you know, being an omnipotent being (So says all the mythos surrounding Him/It/Her). So there are facets to people who we can’t see. We aren’t privy to the real reason someone is a certain way, why they feel they have to do the things they do.

We often judge harshly without knowing the whole deal.

And truthfully, without personal reflection and really being honest to yourself- can you even really truly know even your own motives for all the things you do?

I’d rather go to His court to be judged any day because he knows my entire background, motives, desires, and faults.  He knows why. He’s been there, see it.

As people, we apply experiences we know, relate to things when there may be nothing to relate too, or give characteristics to people that just may not be there.

Our perceptions of this and situations color so much.

So can we, actually fairly judge someone? Probably not. Would it hurt us to try to not judge people?

I think maybe it could make the world a kinder place. It certainly could make me a better person.

Just some thoughts. How do you feel about judging others?
* I mean judging surface things, making snap decisions about people based on surface details. If someone has murdered, stolen, raped etc., I’m all for earthly justice and heavenly justice!



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