A Hopeful Response

About 2 weeks ago, maybe 3, I began working on my teaching resume. I watched videos, looked at my resume, tweaked it, updated my LinkedIn profile, edited my school site and applied for 5 positions.

Today, the first day without students, I decided to clean off my old computer. Who really needs student write ups from 2012? Especially since they’ve been logged into the system for, 4 or so years. Old lesson plans that didn’t pan out, old pictures, Videos- all downloaded onto a drive as I wiped my computer’s hard drive clean.

No matter what, a fresh start next year.

Fiddling with a computer makes you think of other computer related things so, I skimmed over my resume again. I always seem to be checking for mistakes.

Which makes me think to check my new job search gmail account.

Nothing much yet. One polite, “We are reviewing  potential applicants and will contact them soon,” but the rest… Nothing…

But! There might be new postings! In our NCDPI Job Search engine, I can be classified/ find jobs under :

  • BAND

There are other groups I qualify for, but these are the ones I am searching under. (Yeah I could teach orchestra, chorus, guitar etc. but I am most comfortable with the above)

I click through and see the ones I have either applied to or ones I’d rather not. ( For instance, it’s not encouraging if the school’s website hasn’t been updated since November 2015)

But wait! A new listing!

“Apply.” I think. Sure why not?

I do a quick search, check its location, see it’s a small town on the way to much larger places.

Okay, looks good. Another Title one school but it looks nice. Board Certified teachers, PHDs on staff, planning periods, early classes…

“Apply.” I think again.

I boot up my letter of intent, swap order from Music and Band to Band and Music. Insert school name,  sign, attach… Send!

I hit apply on the searching site and update the online application status.

I feel…. “I feel pretty good.” I think. It’s 9:31AM.

I go, cause my usual havaok, jamming the shredder, losing power cords, turning in things before people are ready.

I float back to my room, and pull out my student work examples.

“I could check my email. Maybe someone had replied to my previous emails. Maybe… The new one? No it’s so early!” I think.

And yet:

It’s 10:26AM.


“Okay, get a grip. Formulate a response, call Ry, and confirm!”

I do all of this, pick a good time to interview after a 2 hour drive, make sure CDubs will still be enrolled in daycare (check!)…

And! They are looking forward to meeting me.

I know, this is just the first response. It’s June. The chances of this being “It” is slim. Yet…

It’s an affirmation.  Even if I don’t like the school or they don’t like me, I did build worthwhile skills over my 5 years. I am worth interviewing. I can appeal to other schools. (In this case, I emailed a person on file for the job, and the current (but leaving) director emailed me back! So hurdle one, check!

I have an interview!



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