Awards Day and Transition Ceremony 

Well it’s done. Today was the last day with students. We did a lot of housekeeping type things at the beginning of the day- double and triple checks to make sure things were set for today.

I had prepared for this day- for band- for months. I had all of my awards, thankfully:

And some lovely person set them up for me!

The parents arrived:

And the students arrived:

Then we started:

And we had awards for Attendance, for Honor Roll, for PBIS, for Improvement, and for Specific Subject Areas.

It lasted a pretty long time, but it was worth it!

There was celebration everywhere:

Then, we had to feed them and send them home, one last time (8th grade and for the year, 5th-7th grade).

During this, I received this email from my husband:


My Husband Ry has been… Well for lack of a better word, demoted. He’s tried his best. He’s tried some many things- even I probably haven’t given him enough credit for all he’s done.

He was called in and told, not asked, told, what was happening next year. He hasn’t done anything wrong, he can’t be fired but the one thing he loves is gone. He can’t teach Band. Then, as an after thought:

“Are you okay with this?”

Well what? Did you want my husband to lose his composure? A family man with responsibilities? Is that why you felt you needed 2 assistant principals with you, when you explained the, “New Direction?”

No, no my husband is not the fool you may want him to be. He will take your job offering because he has a family. Responsibilities. Character. He’s not going to flip out on you, he is a professional.

A professional.

Are you, okay with that? What about that direction?

If anything ever cemented the feeling of, “It’s time for a new job,” this does.

These are my views. The end. I am outraged on behalf of my husband. I think this could have been handled better (this “news”).

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